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While people wallowed in unendurable suffering (when power goes, water also vanishes), and the Sindh chief minister was crying for urgent assistance, the federal government remained a deaf and mute spectator, and it was not until Monday that the PM while visiting Karachi ordered an end to the KE-SSGC monetary feuding within 15 days and immediate resumption of electricity and water supplies, resulting in a return to normalcy in most, but not all, areas of the city.
The human spirit has withstood war, famine, displacement, genocide, child mortality rates that would seem unendurable had they not been, in fact, endured.
My childhood seemed to fly past like a shot, Then these unendurable trials commenced, The sea was brutal, I finally forgot Your face, I felt because of my offence I'd gone forever past the hopeless fence.
While Mallus didn't reveal his face or true form during that encounter , Mallus swore that he would soon be free and that the entire world would soon be subjected to unendurable pain.
Understand that this is much more than being upset about an election outcome - many people are suffering a great deal and are genuinely terrified that the next five years will mean their living conditions will be unendurable.
Maqbool Ganai said he was of course battling an unendurable pain of losing the eldest of his three sons who helped him run a small convenience store in the village.
It's actually Australia and the people at the heart of the story are Burmese but Fraillon doesn't stress that much and it could just as easily be Calais, Lampedusa or anywhere that refugees arrive at in hope after terrible journeys and homelands which have, for whatever reason, made their lives unendurable or impossible.
The centre offers people the chance to die in cases of "an illness which will lead inevitably to death, unendurable pain or an unendurable disability".
Miriam Vos, raised questions about what "hopeless and unendurable suffering," the main criteria for euthanasia in the Netherlands, means for children.
Life for gay men like Nahas In Syria has become unendurable with the rise of ISIS, but things were bad long before they took power.
The overseas Pakistanis face unendurable inconvenience due to non-existence of NADRA centers in abroad.
Those of us who have found our siblings unendurable will sympathise with Cooper, the protagonist of this novel.