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Convinced by Jesse's lie that Lou also has cancer, Annabelle agrees to give them the theater and full financing, in exchange for Lou's help to deliver her from an unendurably painful end.
His repartee with Mark Lawrenson (who clearly labours under the delusion that he's an inspired cross between Oscar Wilde and Peter Kay) is unendurably leaden when stretched over 120 minutes plus a penalty decider.
However, if players decide that collaboration is too Utopian and unendurably boring and wish to create a satiric, cutthroat version they may do so (see Satiric Version, at the end).
This has seemed to me at times an unendurably horrible book to have to
Zimmern characterizes it as an "imaginary Utopia, half a small Greek provincial town, half an impossible and unendurably regimented Socialist model community, based on a fine-drawn and fallacious comparison between the qualities of the human soul and the class divisions that happened to prevail in the Greek society of the time...." (22) The failure to distinguish the typically Greek from the universal "has led to much misunderstanding and shallow thinking in attempts to apply Greek ideas and maxims too literally to modern life." (23)
The struggle for a degree and the privileges it conferred seems unendurably long, taking us through decades of opening up the matter again and again.
Douglas Cooper could be unendurably rude and boorish, yet at the same time superbly witty and fascinating -at least, with those whom he wished to captivate.
God appears as light, a light unendurably brilliant and yet somehow bearable for mortal eyes.
Though much of what is offered here is a more-than-twice-told tale, it is good to be reminded of how unendurably narrow and stupefying most "higher education" has been throughout American history - and how long it took for American authors, even such now-canonical writers as Herman Melville and Walt Whitman, to be taken seriously within the Anglophile precincts of the academy.
She talks incessantly, anyhow, so the ale hadn't any the advantage of her there, but it made her unendurably slangy, & that is what we grieved for" (p.358).
He does not, however, tell us what he thinks the 'thorn in the flesh' of 12: 7 was, beyond being something physical and 'unendurably' painful.
Ford announces that Alice Ford's adultery would threaten his control over her sexuality, over his wealth, and, most unendurably, over his good name.