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'My chela is to me as is a son to the unenlightened.'
Schools and universities are staggered by the winds of unenlightened stewardship.
According to her, if the trend continues without being tackled, one day the country will end up with a vast number of unenlightened and unproductive citizens.
Those belonging to the upper classes may scoff at this social class, but before we dismiss them as 'unenlightened,' let's be reminded that the lower classes are also the impoverished, those who suffer unemployment and underemployment, and those who do not have enough resources.
Summary: Sri Lanka's worst burden is its inability to learn from history and its unenlightened politics that democratic practices themselves unfortunately sustain.
Issues are sharply painted in right or wrong, ethical and unethical, intelligent or unenlightened colors.
What if an "unenlightened" women's basketball team refused to play against a team with a starting five consisting of 6-foot-6-inch, 200-plus-pound XYers?
The Post said PP disagreed with HUD Secretary Ben Carson's unenlightened decision to suspend an Obama era fair housing rule aimed at addressing long-standing patterns of racial segregation as "burdensome."
Many medical professionals and nonmedical persons envision the discovery of antibiotics, especially penicillin, as a providential occurrence that revolutionized previously unenlightened medical practices characterized by bloodletting and poisoning.
On the other hand, unenlightened taskmasters believe their positions are critical to the organizational structure.
The association also lamented the "continued assault on private education" by policy makers and implementors with "unfunded mandates that even borders on violating the academic freedom enjoyed by private higher educational institutions." Lastly, CEAP noted that the situation of private schools is further "aggravated by the tendency of some unenlightened politicians" to craft policies killing the private sector and ultimately eroding the constitutionally guaranteed "complementarity between public and private education," among others.