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In these very difficult financial times these nightmare neighbours ought to be fully aware that they don't have a divine right to a home and that they are governed by tenancy agreements as every other tenant is and I very much hope that this is brought to the attention of the unenlightened John Puzey.
In our society today it has become very fashionable for Individuals to live an unenlightened and an uniformed life.
DEAR CONCERNED: Some unenlightened landlords blame bedbug infestations on the residents, but the truth is that a single infestation can reappear anywhere in the apartment complex over and over, regardless of origin, which is what may have happened in your space.
The organisers of the festival protest this ban, which risks depicting Lebanon as a backwards and unenlightened country in the eyes of the international community.
With McDaniel's statement and its adoption, the trajectory of the SBC veered toward unenlightened postures and the door to creedalism opened widely as convention messengers requested that all Southern Baptist institutions and boards and their missionary representatives assure the convention that they adhered to the statement.
For the unenlightened (just as I was a couple of minutes ago) entropy is the state of disorder of a system.
He was a victim of an unenlightened age, arrested, tried and chemically castrated for gross indecency before dying in ambiguous circumstances in 1954.
Terrorism takes roots only in uneducated and thus unenlightened societies, so do dishonest trade and professional practices.
Yes, in the 70s, an unenlightened decade when undesirable, usually married, men habitually groped women, ultra-bigot Alf Garnett was always 'bleedin' sounding off and 'Love thy Neighbour's foolishly selfimportant racist Eddie looked down upon the black family next door, we chortled at sexist, racist jokes.
He had - even for those unenlightened times - a peculiar style to compiling his monthly magazine.
There are seven chapters: law, power, and wealth; Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, and Wall Street's financial meltdown; unenlightened self-interest, unregulated financial markets, and unfettered victimization; theories of white-collar illegalities and the crimes of the powerful; financial looting, victimization, and legal intervention; consuming victims and victimless identities; the Wall Street Financial Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.
The video introduces each of the AIM team members entrusted with building bonds with children in East Kilbride and bringing the message of their extremist church to the unenlightened people of the town.