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Our British colleagues should save their propaganda fervour and slogans for their unenlightened domestic audience, where perhaps they will have some effect.
In our country, we just have more of the uneducated and the unenlightened, fixable with proper education.
is an anthem which all too accurately describes our unenlightened age.
It is said the MC, who seemed unenlightened, angered Raila when he requested Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati to speak after the NASA leader finished the consolation session.
Let me show you in a figure how far our nature is enlightened or unenlightened.
She approaches her unenlightened, prerecovery escapades with humanity, never bashing or shaming herself.
The male nurse - as we called them back then, the same way we called female physicians "women doctors" in those unenlightened times - was a generous and kind professional.
We don't like it when someone robs us of our autonomy by telling us we can't do something, and we especially don't like it if that person is a misguided and unenlightened jerk.
An unenlightened person stands in front of a mountain and says, "That's a mountain.
And stupid, unenlightened Americans thought that the No.
In most literature on the Scottish Enlightenment, Hume appears as a cosmopolitan "citizen of the world," while the Aberdonians who challenged him on the authority of common sense philosophy are viewed as narrow, traditional and, in James Beattie's case at least, unenlightened by virtue of an unacceptably intolerant attitude toward "le bon David.
DEAR CONCERNED: Some unenlightened landlords blame bedbug infestations on the residents, but the truth is that a single infestation can reappear anywhere in the apartment complex over and over, regardless of origin, which is what may have happened in your space.