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Some SITS, whilst not strictly synonyms, are, nevertheless, all derogatory descriptions of a person or persons: NITWIT (a stupid person), SILLYBILLY (a foolish person), JELLYBELLY (a fat person), ROLYPOLY (a rascal), HODDYDODDY (a short dumpy person), FUDDYDUDDY (an ineffectual old person), DEADHEAD (an unenterprising person) and RIFFRAFF (a collection of worthless persons).
This is lamentable in that it deprives indigenous publishers of some of our finest talent, but who can blame them while the publishing industry in Wales is so unenterprising?
For Cather, visiting Mesa Verde is about recovering a period of time when people such as the cliff dwellers were "absolutely unenterprising in the modern American sense" (85).
In his only previous cup tie as a boss against Rangers, McCall lined up his Morton side in an unenterprising 5-5-0 formation at Love Street, only to lose to a controversial Craig Moore goal.
There were unenterprising and unpropertied thousands who missed entirely the economic opportunities with which America was thick.
In the popular imagination, ethnic migrants are always poor, uneducated, unenterprising and generally a drain on state resources.
[skilled sailors] are able to obtain well paid situations on shore."(78) Another report quotes a Russian naval officer who complained that inadequate pay caused "all the energetic and clever men [to] leave the navy, [whose] places are filled up by the dull and unenterprising."(79) Inadequate pay and service conditions also made naval conscripts ripe for revolutionary agitation.
The background material has been patiently put together; facts have been digested and are regurgitated conveniently for imagined readers whom one comes to think of as young and unenterprising. The entries on history, written in passionless prose, contain the sort of information one would expect to find in an encyclopedia.
Detective Chief Superintendent William Ilsley, the senior supervising detective, allowed himself to go along with the weak and unenterprising decisions made by his senior officers.
With regard to the first question, Rand (1964) argues that altruism is inimical to economic development because it creates dependent, unenterprising, and sentimentalistic personalities that are incapable of mobilizing the capital required for economic development.
2 Yes people are livelier than sheep but equally unenterprising, being completely dependent on a leader for inspiration.