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In terms of strategy, it's less Barcelona and more Blackburn Rovers - not pretty to watch, unentertaining but broadly effective at doing the job in hand.
If it happens I will consider not going back to any games for the simple reason playing the same teams four times is boring, unentertaining and dull.
It's not even clear that a graphic novel as unentertaining as The Plot will reach a much larger audience than that drawn to a work of scholarship.
Boro made an untidy, unentertaining game safe after 80 minutes when Dave Blenkinsopp took over up front from Foster and fastened onto a neat pass from Murphy to hit a fierce drive into the top corner with his first touch.
It proved to be a relatively even yet unentertaining first-half on a fine playing surface at Selhurst Park.
It was an exciting conclusion to what had been a hard-fought but largely unentertaining encounter.
(18) Finally, Hume declares that "the most abstract speculations concerning human nature," of the kind in which Hume has been engaging, "however cold and unentertaining, become subservient to practical morality; and may render this latter science more correct in its precepts, and more perswasive in its exhortations." Here it is clear that Hume believed that his Treatise was at least indirectly practical--he believed that though he himself was no moralist, no moralist could succeed without learning from the conclusions of his Treatise.
And though these ingenious Tales are more immediately designed for the innocent Amusement of Children, they may not perhaps be wholly unentertaining to those of a more advanced Age and riper Judgment.
Watching dull celebrities/nonentities like Sarah Greene and Natalie Pinkham pretending to be iceskaters is totally unentertaining.
Two completely unentertaining teams more interested in not losing than going out to win.
No movie illustrates film folks' infatuation with the written word more than the accurate, intelligent, and magnificent-looking yet unentertaining art Western "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford," in which Brad Pitt plays the celebrated outlaw and Casey Affleck (Ben's brother) is the sniveling young protege who shot him in the back of the head in 1882.
While the general reader will certainly enjoy the editor's informative comments on Russian history and geography, as well as added acute accents that help to pronounce Russian names correctly, most of the memoirs are too repetitious and unentertaining to make for a good coffee-table book.