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Thus, there is reasonably effective exclusion of unentitled providers from the ability to extract resources.
However, while the contribution of upper-class, aristocratic women to the revolution was often described in great detail, and indeed acclaimed, the involvement of poorer, unentitled women has frequently been forgotten.
This has caused us to change tactics in markets where new development remains attractive by focusing more on value creation opportunities, primarily from optioned, unentitled land.
Greece has halted welfare or pension payments to 200,000 people either because they are unentitled to the money - or because they are dead, a Labour Ministry official said on Wednesday.
"We were coming from the idea that a lot of people in the Jewish community, especially young people, feel unentitled, inauthentic, not Jewish enough," Snitow told me.
Currently, they are entangled in red tape during this lengthy process - unable to work and unentitled to state aid.
(27) Their poverty renders them both unable to access, and perhaps deemed unentitled to, the privileges of whiteness.
Unentitled to an agenda of containment, Jewish-Christian studies has had to shoulder the obligation to honestly recognize the demise and chaos out of which it developed.
BFBS also insisted that the termination of the service was necessary to protect TV rights by making sure the programmes cannot be viewed by 'unentitled people'.
Indeed, the court noted that "the absence of any willful violation of FACTA, which, if sufficiently established at trial, could leave the class entirely unentitled to any statutory-violation award." Id.
Either way, 1.15 million lots--either in the form of finished lots or in unentitled ground that had yet to be put through the approval process--were back in the hands of developers.
In Minnesota, government officials used the biological fact of interracial mixing as a justification for declaring increasing numbers of Anishinaabeg "non-Indian" and therefore unentitled tribal benefits or legal protection of their property.