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The UAE condemns this terrorist, cowardly act and reiterates its unequivocal position against all forms of violence and terrorism, which target all without the distinction of religion and race, and regardless of sources and pretexts," said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in a statement on Monday.
It was reiterated in unequivocal terms that comprehensive strategy will be followed by the Armed Forces to combat the terrorist threat being faced by the country.
Shaikh Khalid stressed the crucial role of clerics in steering youngsters away from illegal acts, calling for an unequivocal condemnation of violence and destruction of properties.
A school principal should have a clear and unequivocal moral position about any subject and issue on the agenda of Israeli society.
Only when our Government and Parliament give unequivocal support to marriage and argue for its promotion can we begin to tackle the root of so many social ills.
There must be a categoric and unequivocal statement that Good Hope's status as a major accident and emergency hospital, serving our area is non-negotiable and that Good Hope will remain a free standing hospital not managed as part of some other entity," he said His comments follow a meeting with Graham Comfort, chairman of Good Hope Hospital, and temporary chief executive Dr Mark Goldman.
If this document is genuine - and I notice the Foreign Secretary Jack Straw didn't deny that when he was asked about it this morning - then it shows that this was far from unequivocal, that there had been reservations.
The county council now wants the Government to issue an unequivocal statement about its position on interceptor missiles, continue dialogue with local people and ensure full and proper consultation about any future proposals.
The Prime Minister insisted yesterday that there must be a 'complete and unequivocal end to violence' by paramilitaries in Northern Ireland if the power-sharing executive is to be restored.
We have unequivocal data to show that sidestream smoke is dangerous to people with asthma.
And then, of course, there is the Treaty of Tripoli (June 10, 1797), passed unanimously by the Senate and signed by President John Adams, which contained the unequivocal statement, "The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.