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She said: "What they have said is unequivocally they accept that to close down Parliament to bypass them in terms of Brexit - stopping a no-deal Brexit in particular - is illegal.
He said we expect the OIC Contact Group to unequivocally reaffirm its abiding support for the Kashmiris and their struggle for right to self determination.
He added: "It is now time for Labour to join the SNP in unequivocally backing a new referendum, with Remain in the European Union on the ballot paper.
It calls on the participating States to condemn publicly and unequivocally attacks on women journalists in relation to their work, such as sexual harassment, abuse, intimidation, threats and violence, including through digital technologies.
"Today, in the morning, when I spoke with senior members of the European Broadcasting Union, I was told unequivocally that the Eurovision 2019 will take place as planned in Israel.
Anthony unequivocally disputes the claim," Variety quoted the statement of Anderson's representative.
Their motion states the group of MPs "unequivocally accepts the Russian state's culpability for the poisoning of Yulia and Sergei Skripal in Salisbury using the illegal novichok nerve agent which has also led to the serious illness of Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey who went to their rescue, and to the possible poisoning of other members of the emergency services and public as yet unknown".
ISLAMABAD -- Kashmiri people's right to self-determination was not only enshrined in the foundational documents of the United Nations, including the UN Charter, but had also been unequivocally endorsed in the UNSC resolutions.
Jordan has become the second player to promise unequivocally he will travel if selected at the end of this month.
Aquino III, unequivocally proclaimed he will cause the planting of 1.5 billion trees during his six years in office, for which he issued Executive Order No.
But League One side Barnsley say Moyes had "no part" in the negotiations and is "unequivocally" wrong in what he said.
Cruz unequivocally - unequivocally - does not support legalization," Sweet told reporters.