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She also sees beyond the present moment, anticipating the long-term negative consequences of uneradicated errors.
India cannot afford to hold itself back on every front by allowing perpetrators to continue unpunished and uneradicated.
pylori positive patients were first randomly divided into eradicated and uneradicated groups by random envelope.
pylori positive uneradicated groups were 8.04 and 7.13, respectively ( P = 0.062).
pylori positive uneradicated groups, respectively ( P = 0.588).The healing rate of reflux esophagitis were 80.4% and 79.8%, respectively, in the H.
She is determined to get her husband, Landen Parke-Laine, uneradicated and introduced to his son, and to live a happy married life.
The winged outcasts are only the most visible victims of this still uneradicated legacy of Communism's rigid distinction between "us" and those on the other side of the boundary (za granitsei).