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Mourinho has lost one of the main assets which made him special, an unerring ability to assess a player.
During his 25 years at Carl Zeiss, Michael became a key member of our team, who showed unerring loyalty to his work and to his customers, always going the extra mile to satisfy and support those who relied on him.
Two superb pieces of skill followed by an unerring finish demonstrated Alli's outstanding potential and importance to Pochettino's impressive young side, who still have title pretensions.
A thrumming, mesmerizing survey of social concepts, DK's compendium pulls the eye to the social sciences with unerring appeal.
Jonny aims to tell the truth as he sees it--usually with wise-cracking headlines and an unerring flair for digging up what really should remain hidden.
He said: "She had unerring skill to make the daftest, silliest thing sound absolutely real and absolutely plausible.
I SEE that "David Arthur Russell Howell" also known as "Baron Howell of Guildford PC" is once again amazing us with his fantastic geographical knowledge of England and his unerring knowledge of "fracking".
Criticising top-rate income tax cuts, he added: "I'm not saying they can for everything but bankers' bonuses taxation should be restored to the rational system that we had, we should have a top rate of 50%, that is very clearly the Labour Party's unerring policy.
Sadly, some of it is my dosh, thanks to my unerring talent for picking losers.
Deflected The Brewers were sporadically a threat but their finishing was as wayward as it had been unerring only four days earlier.
Through seemingly casual brushwork and unerring color choices, Dodd conveys the emotional timbre of daily life.
The dark lord of TV returns to cast his unerring eye over the acts.