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As for taxing unessential commodities, these need to be redefined while rendering workers on daily bases full-timer employees.
20) Understanding the diversity of the neighbourhood and the way people imagined it helps us to unpack some of our assumptions about the nature and rhythm of everyday life, including how unessential ethnic heritage was inside the ward.
They told me I was unessential and I found myself on the street, without a job," Saeed said.
So, in times like these what comes to the rescue is the availability of an option that lets you get rid of what's unessential, and the absence of which would make work a lot easier.
For myoE, we observed that it plays an unessential role for septa formation.
Organizational alignment: Clarifies the elements for success Builds buy-in and commitments Eliminates unessential priorities Fosters teamwork Links departments of the organizations Creates a culture of discipline; and Provides continuous feedback for Creates the conditions for sustained mid-course corrections high performance.
Based on the analysis of these categories and subcategories the overarching theme of valuable and unessential was developed.
Grant's administration to 1900, the rule had been big business and small politics, shrewd magnates and unessential politicians.
Six or seven years ago the tough economy had reduced the school budget so much that the schools couldn't afford to hire specialists to teach such supposedly unessential subjects as art and music.
Mohamed Abdul Aziz the Libyan Foreign Minister denied the reports of American intervention in Libya and that he was aware that the both the US and Britain withdrew some unessential members of staff in their embassies.
Poverty as a social problem is taken as unessential, as justice is not Dogen's concern (49).
USA advises its subjects to leave CAR; UN pulls out its unessential staff.