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It's taking more time to remember that, in the greater scheme of things, everything unessential really does fall away and it's grace that sustains you.
In order to enhance the operational efficiency, the motions from each execution in the motion charts that are in common should be combined, whereas unessential motions should be eliminated [2].
Later, the CBE allowed banks to use part of their resources to cover importing unessential commodities.
Making a ton of money by selling something unessential to the essentially shallow and thick is a stroke of genius.
The ability to focus attention and to filter unessential material is of obvious adaptive value.
The current pace of the teacher workday allows little time for teachers to seek or find time for these "unessential" things.
Many unessential components were eliminated to simplify the system, reducing the number of trays and cost without negatively impacting clinical efficiency.
From the research conducted (Dragnea, Cordun Teodorescu-Mate, 1990, quoted by Dragnea, Teodorescu-Mate, 2002) on a team of water polo players at the prepubertal age and the early stage of puberty, it has been found that the acid-base balance undergoes unessential changes (within normal limits) after heavy efforts.
"We are hoping to increase it (the council budget) before it is reviewed by Minister Essam Khalaf and approved by the Cabinet -- or we will have no choice but to cancel all unessential projects," said Mr Al Sinan.
During Earth Hour on March 28, tourist attractions, government and private buildings, and residents across Dubai turned off their lights and unessential electric appliances for a full hour.
His goal is to explain as simply as possible the main concepts and ideas of some selected topics, focusing mainly on some simple settings to avoid unessential technicalities that could blur the main arguments.