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While there have been no fundamental changes of spiritual practice, there have inevitably been certain developments as regards unessential features of the communal dhikr.
Based on the analysis of these categories and subcategories the overarching theme of valuable and unessential was developed.
In crisis Belarusian consumers became more price sensitive and trade down to purchasing fewer products, if they consider them unessential, or purchasing cheaper products or brands, if they do not want to give them up entirely.
In the process, his work obviated the unessential and exposed the truth as he chose to understand it.
Six or seven years ago the tough economy had reduced the school budget so much that the schools couldn't afford to hire specialists to teach such supposedly unessential subjects as art and music.
Mohamed Abdul Aziz the Libyan Foreign Minister denied the reports of American intervention in Libya and that he was aware that the both the US and Britain withdrew some unessential members of staff in their embassies.
It is unessential near the center of the well, where the influence of the localized electron wave functions is dominating, but is important at the periphery.
Embassy to recall its unessential staff from Tunis.
Poverty as a social problem is taken as unessential, as justice is not Dogen's concern (49).
USA advises its subjects to leave CAR; UN pulls out its unessential staff.
Models simplify things, leaving aside unessential or minor elements.
Owners are losing jobs, downsizing homes and vehicles and cutting all unessential spending, including the associated costs of owning a dog.