unethical use

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The very qualities that make the internet such a rich market place--its decentralized structure, global reach, immediacy of response, and ability to facilitate free-ranging interchange--also make it an exceptional channel for potential misinformation, unethical use, concealed bias, covert self-dealing, fraudulent practices, and evasion of legitimate regulations.
And columnists Terence Huwe and Jessamyn West take on data security, given recent news about how unethical uses of Big Data mining can expose us to risks we could hardly have imagined a few years ago.
However, if one avoids violating such statutes, there's little legally preventing what could be perceived as unethical uses of social media in the B2B credit collection world.
In order to give Internet users the opportunity to communicate anonymously for legitimate reasons while deterring illegal or unethical uses of anonymity, the study recommends including allowing on-line communities to set their own policies on the utilization of anonymous communication and informing Internet users about the extent to which their identity is disclosed on-line.