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So how can we combat the tendency to behave unethically when acting on someone else's behalf?
"Non-disclosure agreements cannot stop people from whistleblowing, but it is clear some employers are using them unethically," she said.
At that time, 25% thought he acted illegally and 37% unethically, while 35% believed he did nothing wrong.
The Nepali Congress that lost the elections due to the suicidal move and unpopular decisions taken by Deuba has made the party more unpopular by taking the decisions unethically. Although the decisions to provide social allowance to people aged 65 years and the quake victims have pleased the rural people, the decisions will have a negative impact on national economy as well as distract the urban masses from the NC.
The former AJK PM regretted that the PML-N repeated its tradition of attacking courts which is unethically and illegally, He said that the PML-N leaders and its government appeared to be silent on the ongoing worst brutalities in held Kashmir.
Mrs May last year promised to take o n business leaders who behave unethically, in her speech to the Conservative Party conference.
He had been charged with unethically accepting benefits.The Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) has cleared Harold Mayne-Nicholls, the inspector for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids, to return to football.
In order to stop fraud, then, perhaps the business world needs to change the "me first" attitudes that tacitly encourage people to behave unethically or break the law.
Unethically sourced by the hotel's butcher, every dish, once it arrives, is said to look horribly familiar.
Almost one in five respondents in the Middle East explicitly stated that they would act unethically and offer entertainment to win or retain business.
Unfortunately, some debt relief companies act unethically or illegally to get business.
"However, our latest Managing Responsible Business report shows that many finance professionals are facing pressure to condone poor practice of their colleagues or to behave unethically themselves.