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24% Respondents who thought that people within their own companies acted illegally or unethically
Respondents said they felt more pressure to act unethically during an economic downturn, and the report showed geographical differences in those pressures.
the LGC tells the bureau that the organization acted "intentionally, unethically and unscrupulously" in withholding tens of millions in health-related premiums.
A series of lab and field studies conducted at UC Berkeley and the University of Toronto have found that wealthy people are more likely to behave unethically than those in the middle and lower classes.
Piff, and one at the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto have published the results of seven related studies that show "wealthier" individuals behave more unethically than individuals with less money.
This is a good demonstration of the 'moral licensing' phenomenon, in which hybridcar drivers who believe they're saving the Earth may feel entitled to behave unethically in other ways," said Piff.
When he feels someone has behaved unethically, he has no compunctions about naming names.
The scandal surrounding Professor Dick van Velzen, who unethically removed organs from dead children, without their parents' consent, was a devastating blow to the hospital's reputation - but it has staged a magnificent recovery in the years since .
Campaigning MP Tom Watson is jetting to the US to tell shareholders in Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation that their business has behaved unethically.
In a recent extensive survey published by one of the UK's top accountancy firms, the statistics revealed that there is a worryingly high level of employees still willing to behave unethically.
Here they write about philosophical and psychological issues, motivated by a desire to understand why, how, and when scientists and engineers behave unethically.
With so much money in football, billions of US$ in fact, the temptations to take unfair advantages and act unethically are considerable, but must be resisted in the interest of fair play in sport, which is what sport is all about.