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Immediately at the feet of the party, the southern shore of the Horican swept in a broad semicircle from mountain to mountain, marking a wide strand, that soon rose into an uneven and somewhat elevated plain.
It was a rugged course, rocky and uneven, yet the two knights, choosing their men, dashed onwards at the top of their speed, while the gallant Spaniards flew as swiftly to meet them.
She was fond of her children in an uneven, impulsive way.
"To the common, to the common, sir; she has turned off there." I knew this common very well; it was for the most part very uneven ground, covered with heather and dark-green furze bushes, with here and there a scrubby old thorn-tree; there were also open spaces of fine short grass, with ant-hills and mole-turns everywhere; the worst place I ever knew for a headlong gallop.
Cultures of Uneven and Combined Development: From International Relations to World Literature
It also reversed a summary judgment for the landlord on the duty to warn where the nature of the uneven sidewalk arguably eliminated Stonebridge's duty to warn the Wises of its existence.
Contract notice: supply of stretcher trolley for the transport of patients in uneven terrain adapted to operating table.
Finalists among female gymnasts who performed in exercises on uneven bars in the National Gymnastics Arena as part of the FIG Artistic Gymnastics Individual Apparatus World Cup in Baku have been defined, Trend reports.
Summary: Neemuch (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Feb 26 (ANI): At a time when scattered rainfall is hampering poppy cultivation in the region, farmers claim that in addition to uneven rain, they have incurred massive losses due to a group of "opium-addicted" parrots.
The reality of uneven citizenship has created a sense of isolation.
It is dotted with potholes and uneven surfaces, proving hazardous for commuters.
A Philippine Airlines (PAL) plane was forced to stop on a runway at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) on Tuesday evening after running into an uneven surface, momentarily interrupting the airport operations.