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To ease this huge number of unevenly distributed caseloads, the Supreme Court 'paired' judges with light loads to assist those with heavy dockets.
However, all have in common unevenly distributed levels of economic growth, and high levels of poverty and different kinds of inequalities.
Introducing debris into the wax will interfere with the chemistry of the candle and may cause it to burn unevenly. This could clog the wick and prevent it from drawing up the fragrance oil and diffusing the scent.
Designed to compensate for unevenly packed loads with staggered rows, the unit has a 500 lb.
The vase isn't pretty Or even well done, As a matter of fact It's a faulty one, As the base is disparate And the surface scratched And the floral pattern Unevenly matched.
ECONOMIC recovery will be "unevenly spread" across the country, with some cities needing extra Government help to create jobs this year, according to a new study today.
The drawers can accommodate loading up to 70kg at full extension, even with unevenly distributed weight.
The net fiscal benefits continue to be unevenly distributed, with an adverse impact on Milwaukee property taxpayers, although mitigated somewhat by recent legislative efforts.
WASHINGTON: The head of the International Monetary Fund's steering committee says the global economy is bouncing back unevenly but still faces pitfalls, particularly the high debt burdens some governments are bearing and the slow return of consumer confidence.
The consensus among economic forecasters seems to be that the economy will continue a slow expansion and gradually strengthen over time, but unevenly.
The company will use the finance, which was unevenly underwritten by the banks, to fund its hostile offer for Canadian fertiliser Potash (TSE:POT).