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Keywords: mobile text input, tilt-input, keyboard size, road unevenness.
Moulded feet in reinforced polyamide technopolymer incorporate a non-slip pad which also takes up slight surface unevenness.
He notes the inevitable unevenness of the records: there is far more information from ShakespeareAEs time, which enables a fuller picture of town life and personalities.
Considering the unevenness of axial direction, more magnetic circuits are employed.
The book under review suggests that developmental unevenness is "an all-round phenomenon and structures the society as a whole" (13).
Purpose: to development a new method to evaluate the road unevenness with in-pavement deployed strain-based sensors, and therefore save the cost for road condition evaluation.
For any fabric application where quality matters it is an absolute necessity to measure certain yarn properties: unevenness thick and thin places neps hairiness and yarn count are the most critical.
The first technology bends light as it approaches the cold sore, the second technology helps fill in unevenness of the cold sore and the third technology helps correct the skin tone of the cold sore, officials add.
Summary: This communication describes the mechanical properties of the single yarn polyester composite (PC) of cotton fiber with special reference to the effect of unevenness in the structure of yarn.
South Africa is more than happy to play on pace-friendly pitches but they prefer them to be much truer in bounce and potentially offering a bit seam movement to aid the likes of Dale Steyn and Vernon Philander, who were however, frustrated at Centurion, due to its overwhelming unevenness of the bounce.
It's characterised by discolouration, or unevenness, of the skin, or moles.
I want to focus on a fundamental problem--specifically, the intersection of the court's limited jurisdictional reach with the unevenness of the political terrain on which it carries out it judicial mission.