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One major summarized the state of conditions while entrenched with Punjabis in simple, unexaggerated staccato: "Heat is appalling and only just beginning.
Distilling it down to its most unexaggerated terms, it means marginalization, suffering and ultimately the Cross."
[H]is account sounds unexaggerated, credible and willing to place blame wherever it belongs." JANET MASLIN
Dobie has proposed that these additional factors should include an "unsolicited" complaint of tinnitus, plausible and consistent history, patient credibility, early documentation of tinnitus, and unexaggerated hearing loss [8].
Some less established publishers such as Charlton Comics and Warren Publishing featured relatively sober and unexaggerated treatments of warfare, while DC and Marvel found ways to elevate individual soldiers to superhero status.
Communicating without speaking, the soft low whistle used to gain attention, the sound low and dropping in pitch, like some mysterious African bird that is often heard but never seen, with eye movements and gestures to indicate direction, hand signals and movements unexaggerated, and we continued very stealthily, but as the canopy started to open up, the sunlight that penetrated meant that the ground was now not as moist, and the dry leaves were making more noise.
Montgomery's preface explains that the book is divided into two parts: the first, miscellaneous tracts and documents (mostly republications) that present the unexaggerated reality of the case, the second, pieces in prose and verse written expressly for the volume.
Triumphs are often written off by saying things like 'that's nothing, anyone could have done it.' In fact reflecting on those victories, in a realistic and unexaggerated way, are the initial building blocks of positive self-regard.
Children with tactile defensiveness are always "on guard," and are unable to perceive regular tactile sensations in an unexaggerated, un-"adrenalined" way.
The story reflects on the lives of individuals in a nonemotional and unexaggerated way as they seek healing and reconnect the community with the sea, otherwise known as Kadalamma.
One critic said: "Schumann's languidly singing lines were ideal for Watkins; there is a lush, but unexaggerated lyricism in his playing that is bewitching as anything Orpheus' lyre might conjure."
I urge each SABR member, and indeed any baseball fan or historian who seeks to know and support the unexaggerated truth, to reexamine his own beliefs about Ty Cobb in light of the results of this investigation.