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Retreats are best times for me to concretize what Socrates admonished: an unexamined life is not worth living.
Focusing on the New York City progressive theater company Stage for Action, Dail calls attention to a previously unexamined moment in US theater history.
This book explores Cuban racial and sexual politics in New York during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and chronicles the largely unexamined and often forgotten history of more than a hundred years of Cuban exile, migration, diaspora, and community formation.
The General Department for Criminal Investigations (Money Crimes Control) was tipped off that the Kuwaiti employee had agreed with a Syrian expatriate to let the three containers out of the Port unexamined in return for KD 60,000 in cash, and kind bribe that included air tickets, the ministry's Security Media Department said in a statement.
Hunter, The We Believe of Philosophers: Implicit Epistemologies and Unexamined Psychologies, P.
Socrates said that "the unexamined life is not worth living".
Ethics in British children's literature; unexamined life.
Leaving a part of each weld unexamined, the firm x-rayed from two angles.
"The whole promise of information technology is that we can manage data in ways we never could before to figure out what we're doing, so that we don't have unexamined lives of unexamined healthcare systems," Clinton told a hushed audience.
The statement that the unexamined life is not worth living from Plato's Apology (38a5-6) is one of the most famous and honored utterances in philosophy, and yet it is undeserving of its reverence.
These are unexamined lives, ugly, brutish and short, and they require a deeper analysis than mere description.
By James Okuk "Unexamined Life is not Worth-living" - Socrates, and so is Unexamined Government April 7, 2012 -- The ongoing war between the Sudan and South Sudan at the border zones can be described as nothing but insensitive and destructive pride emanating from the former foes ruling now in both Juba and Khartoum.