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In Unexampled Courage, Judge Gergel continues a mission on which he and his wife Belinda Gergel (to whom the book is dedicated) have long been embarked: bringing to the fore a full, nuanced, forthright, unblinking history of the South.
"The title of the book 'Unexampled Courage,' refers to standing up for what is right.
Mania originates in a complex brain, "and when active, [mania] transforms it." Under the sway of mania, "[i]deas fly out, and as they do, they rhyme, pun, and assemble in unexampled ways.
Man's development in every aspect of life is unexampled. Unfortunately, the same era witnesses transgender inequality.
I'm flabbergasted.' 'We tried to tell you yesterday but you seemed in rather a hurry to be off' | | PAUL'S NOVEL THE SOCIETY OF UNEXAMPLED BRILLIANCE WAS SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2013 DUNDEE INTERNATIONAL BOOK PRIZE AND THE 2017 PAGETURNER PRIZE.
However, despite this unexampled success, either many patients completely fail to respond, or even more concerning, among the initial responding patients, tumor regression often occurs, suggesting that tumor cells acquire therapy-induced resistance.
A contemporary account said: "The first incident described in the official records unquestionably ranks as one of the most valorous deeds, even in this war of unexampled bravery."
In stark contrast to the hybridity that has been so beneficial to Europe, the Zionists believe they "are due to achieve much greater things and to reach an unexampled prosperity so soon as they shall have a chance to follow their own devices untroubled within the shelter of their own frontiers" (34).
Crony capitalism and unexampled greed are crowding out responsible business.
In fact, she was so admired that upon her death, "both houses of Congress adjourned as a mark of respect." Her son, Charles, later remarked in his diary, "This is a thing unexampled in our history thus far" (Thomas, 2016).
Two thumbs up to all who contributed in creating such an unexampled series within the Egyptian platform.
Public accounting is unexampled in contrast with other occupations as ethical behavior does not merely empower it to keep on to assist the business sphere efficiently (Bratu, 2015), but the whole underpinning of the line of work is established on confidence in the proficiency and rectitude of the accountant.