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Americans have grown to accept their telephones as a necessity, seldom realizing the vastness of the system and the spirit of service in the Large organization constantly striving to maintain and improve a means of communication already unexcelled.
And she was so ably to express this passion in her unexcelled drawings and paintings of the Iban.
Available as a multi-tenant application for both on-premise and hosted deployment, it makes the most of the technology stack of Asterisk, Linux, Apache and MySQL to offer an open architecture ACD with unexcelled contact center functionality.
T]he perfectly enlightened Buddha, spoke to the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara: 'Give me, gentle son, the queen, the great science of the six-syllable mantra with which I may liberate from suffering hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of various beings, so that I may cause [their souls] to reach unexcelled perfect enlightenment as swiftly as possible.
After praising Lane's writing skills as unexcelled, Rogers listed her Danbury post office box and urged readers to drop her a line.
We are proud that OM3 Emotional Balance, with its high concentration of EPA at unexcelled levels of purity delivers the dose of EPA needed for effective treatment," said Claire Bertin, head pharmacist for isodisnatura, the laboratory producing the Omega-3 supplement used in the study.
Miller wanted to add a quote attributed to the Buddha, in English, for fear of ruining it by his poor translation into French: "I obtained not the least thing from complete, unexcelled awakening.
This helped give them a sense of citizenship that was unexcelled in the nation.
In almost every field we were substantially ahead of Japan, our capacity for research and creativity was unexcelled, and our natural and human resources seemed more than adequate.
Jamsetji Tata's best and unexcelled biography is by Harris.
Bob Brittan, Senior Product and Marketing Manager, Symon reports that they are unexcelled at and remain popular for displaying basic contact center data, financial information, and trouble tickets open/closed.