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The twenty-sixth chapter of the Sanskrit version of the Saddharrnapundarikasutra explains that this dharniaparyilya will be in the hands (hastagato bhavisyati) of a woman endowed with four qualities, including qualities such as planting wholesome roots and producing the thought of unexcelled enlightenment.
The two apprentices are related only by their common obligations to their master, and by the force of amitie, which is elevated in Clements translation to a passion of unexcelled power and a value of immeasurable weight.
McGehee, DACT against Navy aircraft had produced "an unexcelled capability to perform the air-to-air mission against both bomber and fighter attacks." In selling ADC's capability to Air Force Chief of Staff Gen.
The White House, expressing sadness at the death of former President of Cyprus Glafcos Clerides, has praised his vision, his resolve and his dignity pointing out that these ideals were "unexcelled" in his search for a political settlement in Cyprus and in leading his country into the European Union.
While he is ignorant of the lore learned from books, he has learned much from the great teacher, Nature, and in plain forest and mountain craft he is unexcelled. He is an unerring shot, a splendid trailer [tracker], a good horseman, and possessed of an abundance of that cool courage so essential to an Indian.
The writings of Keyser, besides their great scientific value, have another quality not easily found in other scientific writers, namely, as unexcelled style of their own, making his writings not only jewels of thought but jewels of style and language as well.
While the superb Nightforce 5.5-22x56 NXS scope is unexcelled for shooting holes in paper targets, demonstrating the maximum accuracy potential of a rifle, its extreme long range capabilities exceed the potential of the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge itself.
"Americans have grown to accept their telephones as a necessity, seldom realizing the vastness of the system and the spirit of service in the Large organization constantly striving to maintain and improve a means of communication already unexcelled. Seldom is it realized that the equipment in the home or office is only a very small part of the facilities required in this business of telephoning.
There are images of the Nazi representatives, fascist Italians and Spanish Falangists, preceded by a subtitle announcing that the Portuguese people received them at the rally with "inexcedivel carinho" (unexcelled kindness), to which they responded by cheering the Estado Novo.
From the time 1 was very young 1 have always loved to draw and paint." And she was so ably to express this passion in her unexcelled drawings and paintings of the Iban.
Available as a multi-tenant application for both on-premise and hosted deployment, it makes the most of the technology stack of Asterisk, Linux, Apache and MySQL to offer an open architecture ACD with unexcelled contact center functionality.
[T]he perfectly enlightened Buddha, spoke to the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara: 'Give me, gentle son, the queen, the great science of the six-syllable mantra with which I may liberate from suffering hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of various beings, so that I may cause [their souls] to reach unexcelled perfect enlightenment as swiftly as possible.