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64) Richard Sibbes, an unexceptionably orthodox Puritan, offers a version of this equivocation between the new self and the Christ-self:
And it was no more a secret that in this bloodshed political formations and clerical orders across the spectrum were all actively partaking unexceptionably.
Both are surely in origin and use unexceptionably 'British'.
And while declaring, unexceptionably, that welfare shouldn't be a way of life, the New Democrats withhold the funding that would make getting off it possible.
Similar conditions obtain in all the metropolises of the land, unexceptionably.
The bizarre campaign of former Irvine, California, Mayor Larry Agran, while unexceptionably progressive in rhetoric, had no serious political strategy and proved ultimately pointless.
And this callous savagery must come to an end at once; and whoever be the perpetrator must be brought to justice unexceptionably.
For, a summary sent up by a secretary has routinely to state unexceptionably that the minister concerned had seen and approved it.