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Girling makes bold and imaginative use of these forces, although taken as a whole, the work is occasionally unconvincing - the setting of Christina Rossetti's Remember is dull and lacklustre largely due to the muddy sound of the men of an unexceptional choir, and the central passage of Psalm Nos 146 briefly becomes formless and uncertain.
According to observers, they were unexceptional musically aside from being extremely loud.
They take some unexceptional general principle and reason from it with ruthless logic until they reach some most exceptionable conclusion.
So if they can top an unexceptional group, then beat a third-placed qualifier in the last 16 and defeat Portugal on penalties in the quarters, Roy's boys will be lauded for decades.
The cheaper one is good for a wholly unexceptional 94bhp, so don't get any illusions that you're at the wheel of a shrunken Audi RS3.
That said, it's put to use in the service of such a small, unexceptional story as to make Mann's conspicuous handwringing over the details seem irrelevant in hindsight.
OUR protagonist, a little-known female photographer, is in many ways a rather unexceptional and prosaic figure, although inspiring and pioneering in her own unassuming way.
If you're at a loose end on July 26 and need cheering up, go to Whittlebury Park Golf Club in Towcester, Northants, for the Festival of the Unexceptional.
Leadoff continues to be a wasted spot in the batting order and the Red Sox' defense on the left side of the infield is unexceptional.
However, defence lawyer Gordon Martin said that two of his former wives had resumed a relationship with him and a third described him as "a caring and home-centred man with an unexceptional temper".
Junior Minister Bell said: It is now unexceptional that girls progress from school to university.
WITH little more than two lengths covering the first six home, the form of the Qipco 1,000 Guineas looks sound if unexceptional, and a Racing Post Rating of 114 ranks Sky Lantern a close-to-par winner of the race, writes Paul Curtis.