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We were handicapped by the electrophysiological studies being non-contributory as the peripheral nerves were unexcitable, both patients having fulminant GBS.
We note also the spread of the putative ES markers, especially in ES+, so that unemotional and unexcitable have migrated across the D1 midpoint to form a bridge to the Ex- cluster (to be met by quiet migrating in the opposite direction)--a bridge reflecting the similar description of the ES+ and Ex- traits in terms of D2 and D3.
Whether it was because of grouchiness brought on by acute biscuit deprivation, a bid to create some kind of late-night confrontational TV vibe, or just a means of filling the unforgiving hours stretching in front of them, Chapman spent much of the time poking Berry - an unimpeachable authority on Aussie racing, by the way - to try to provoke some sort of reaction from this unexcitable, verging on torpid, colleague.
Judging by the cool, unexcitable demeanour of Baggies manager Gary Megson, he knows this season's hard work has hardly begun.
Pearce whose talent for twisted doesn't find much purchase in bland, unexcitable Evan.
Unflappable rather than unexcitable, everything happens at a sensible pace - including his heart beat, but if there's one horse that could take Elliott out of that zone, it will be Jessies Dream.
Jones, equally level-headed and unexcitable when it comes to comparing today's game with last season's play-off clash, said: 'Every player who comes back to his old club always wants to do well.
Sharps has an uncomplicated and unexcitable approach, particularly welcome in a rearguard that has been prone to moments of giddiness this season.
Someone who rants and raves, after all, could potentially be moved -- passion is changeable -- but someone so calm and unexcitable is settled in his mind; he's just noting things as they are.
Tottenham midfielder Simon Davies' performances have torn compliments from the tight lips of such normally unexcitable observers as Welsh legend John Toshack.
Unexcitable Cheltenham Town manager Graham Allner is not prepared to start shouting, screaming and waving his arms around on the touchline to trigger his side back into form, writes Ged Scott.