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Unless the fall out of the Greek debt restructuring results in some fresh challenges for Italy and Spain, I remain unexcited about it.
The liveliest march and loudest drums were the ordered lines of red-flagged communists from KKE; most people simply shrug and feel unexcited by the inevitable shift of the seesaw from one dynasty to the other.
While marketers in general remain unexcited about the economic situation, it is encouraging to at least see that pessimism is not increasing among the marketing community," notes Christine Moorman, who conducted the survey.
In this method position information is extracted by integrating the back-emf of the unexcited phase [30,52,66,69].
But most mug shot subjects look profoundly unexcited to be starring in their very own episode of Punk'd: Law Enforcement Edition.
The usually bubbly 20-something was lonely, confused and unexcited about where she was headed.
23) Wordsworth in his famous preface to Lyrical Ballads declared that "the co-presence of something regular, something to which the mind has been accustomed when in an unexcited or less excited state, cannot but have great efficacy in tempering and restraining the passion by an intertexture of ordinary feeling.
Social events with leaders in the industry today show a very unexcited and grim atmosphere.
grim (O'Connor--Arnold 1973: 48), hostile (O'Connor--Arnold 1973: 50), cold (O'Connor--Arnold 1973: 53), cool, dull, dispassionate (O'Connor--Arnold 1973: 48), curt, distant, unexcited, unmoved, testy (Gimson 1970: 278), fiat (O'Connor--Arnold 1973: 106), uninterested (O'Connor--Arnold 1973: 52), unsurprised, and unemotional (O'Connor--Arnold 1973: 53), detached (O'Connor--Arnold 1973: 48, 50; Gimson 1970: 278), self-possessed (O'Connor--Arnold 1973: 53)
When the time came, after my first week of chemo, I must have been the most unexcited person ever to pick up a sports car.