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His blue handkerchief was spread over his knees, as was usual indoors, when it was not hanging over his head; and he sat watching what went forward with the quiet OUTWARD glance of healthy old age, which, disengaged from any interest in an inward drama, spies out pins upon the floor, follows one's minutest motions with an unexpectant purposeless tenacity, watches the flickering of the flame or the sun-gleams on the wall, counts the quarries on the floor, watches even the hand of the clock, and pleases itself with detecting a rhythm in the tick.
Moss, who, when he married Miss Tulliver, had been regarded as the buck of Basset, now wore a beard nearly a week old, and had the depressed, unexpectant air of a machine-horse.
EBB liked the thought of "flashing out from" or "flying" through a periodical as means to serendipitous encounters with unexpectant readers.
Rich brown locks, passionate love, and deep early sorrow, strangely different as they seem from the scanty white hairs, the apathetic content, and the unexpectant quiescence of old age, are but part of the same life's journey; as the bright Italian plains, with the sweet Addio of their beckoning maidens, are part of the same day's travel that brings us to the other side of the mountain, between the sombre rocky walls and among the guttural voices of the Valais.
Trailing six points at half-time perhaps the massive odds stacked as high as 8/1 against them had left them a little unexpectant.
Gopnik knows that only an unexpectant, almost serene mind can fully enjoy life's pleasures.
before then racing down to the harbor, and, returning, endeavoring to proceed with my day, but, it must be said, without any of the unexpectant innocence of yore, and its attendant, if not peace, then emptiness, of mind.