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it was the suddenness and unexpectedness of the event causing the damage
But they don't quite compare to the charm and unexpectedness of the gas station-occupied original.
A striking feature of their accounts was their sense of being unprepared for decision making because of the unexpectedness of a severe fetal anomaly.
Their work provides talking points, meeting points and invigorate the city through their scale, colour and unexpectedness.
The current affair is causing turmoil because of its unexpectedness, the spotless record of the central figure and, above all, its timing.
Yet, this metaphorical journey tackles what always creates, at least temporarily, an overwhelming sense of unreality in real life: sudden death and, by extension, the general unexpectedness of and unpreparedness for death caused by our reluctance to face mortality (Lynn and Harrold 2003: 84-85).
Where fluency would have risked making familiar a remarkable and perplexing redemption, Hopkins cultivates more encumbered expression, in which awkwardnesses are not shed, but used instead to reveal the unexpectedness of God's mercy.
It comes right as bright but tentative keys are about to wear out their welcome, and its unexpectedness recharges the song.
It contains all kinds of unexpectedness and weighs half a tonne.
At the end of the road they went around a roadblock and drove onto a runway, still creeping along, silent, probing thenight, scrutinizing the darkness with careful eyes, when, suddenly, charging out of nowhere, with the same unexpectedness as when he'd disappeared, Zahir's black and powerful body materialized in the beam of the headlights, at once galloping and at rest, mad, his eyes gleaming with terror, his coat black and wet, as if suddenly defined against the night into which he had, just moments before, dissolved.