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impingement, unexpectedness is the primary drama of Oppen's poetry.
The rarity of this occasion is exceeded only by the unexpectedness of its author, whose identity I will reveal soon enough.
Then, with the first book edition, Hardy made yet another change--this time calculated to heighten the mismatched elements of the novel's conclusion: he deleted his original opening, in which Elfride reads a romance that ends unhappily, (7) and, by removing that foreshadowing of his own conclusion, he intensified for his readers the shocking unexpectedness of Elfride's death and its jarring inconsistency with the comic struggle of Smith and Knight to best one another in regaining her love.
This flicker of unexpectedness is the secret of the novella's ability to hold the reader's attention to the very end.
Theirs was a late love, all the sweeter for its unexpectedness.
Bohol is all this but much more, with the unexpectedness of its attractions adding to the pleasure they provide.
I think it is a combination of horse logging being an ancient art that has nearly died out and the unexpectedness of walking through a wood and stumbling across someone working quietly and efficiently with horses.
He's reminding us that London has been built and rebuilt many times, and was under devastating attack in World War II--his brushstrokes bombard us, and have the lightninglike unexpectedness and destructive intensity of a blitzkrieg--but, as City Building Site, 1961, makes clear, he's more fascinated by the raw dirt exposed by the catastrophe than by the new buildings that will cover it.
The passing of our father after a battle with cancer was extremely tough for all our family but the death of Alan, the unexpectedness, the brutal circumstances in which he was taken from us are almost beyond belief.
He has fun with the unexpectedness of them discussing fine art in esoteric language, but even his most deflating jokes never undermine the argument that "real art belongs to everyone.
What took the ECB by surprise, apart from the obvious unexpectedness of the Ashes success, was the scale of interest in cricket that that victory engendered.