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is asking the City Council to use all of that unexpended money to pay down a portion of the principal on the $5.8 million Section 108 loan the city received from the U.S.
A review of the Statement of Changes in Net Position indicates that the changes were widely distributed among the cumulative results from operations and unexpended appropriations.
The NCI notified the company that it may apply for a no cost contract extension to realise any unexpended funds after the expiration date.
These two facts should have raised our attentiveness during mission planning and the brief to considerations such as asymmetry, trim, max-trap fuel, hung ordnance or unexpended ordnance and jettison--none of which were briefed in adequate detail.
Although the administration has requested additional funding in fiscal year 2012 to assist Iraq's security forces, opportunities exist for cost-sharing given the Iraqi government's continuing budget surpluses and unexpended security budgets.
Bill descriptions and vote tallies follow: (a) HB 1033, which provides block grants for base funding (45-1); (b) HB 1034, which permits the carryover of unexpended funds from one biennium to the next (47-0); and (c) HB 1035, which appropriates tuition revenues in the same manner as all other institutional funds (46-1); (6) SB 2300, a bill to create a commission on higher education funding, failed in the House April 4 on a vote of 38-54; and (7) HB 1018, the Department of Commerce budget bill, was approved by the Senate April 7 on a vote of 44-3.
A spreadsheet provided last week by the Arkansas Office of Recovery & Reinvestment shows $352 million in ARRA-funded highway projects awarded with $239 million unexpended. That doesn't mean, however, that those contracts haven't been let.
The current block grant amount and structure should be retained to ensure that there are no decreases in funding and that states continue to have the ability to retain unexpended dollars.
Under this trust, both income and principal may be expended by or on behalf of the beneficiary prior to age 21, and the unexpended income and principal must be paid to the beneficiary upon attaining age 21 or sooner.
First, all the questions related to deficits and unexpended balances in the context of the annual budget procedures would have to be solved.
The report notes there are $ 5.63 billion in unexpended appropriated funds and indicate that 17 percent of the funds appropriated since 2001 have not been completely utilized.
"Design features should be included to ensure safe recovery of the unmanned system, ancillary equipment and unexpended weapons stores," the policy states.