unexpired term

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At the North Luzon Railways Corporation, Duterte named Eduardo Quintos IV as a member of the board of directors to serve the unexpired term of former Manila Vice Mayor Franciso Domagoso until June 30.
President Duterte has appointed retired police general Anselmo Simeon Patrol Pinili to serve the unexpired term of former Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office Chair Jose Jorge Corpuz who recently resigned over health reasons.
Reedy to the commission for the remainder of the unexpired term, which ends on December 31, 2018.
with an unexpired term certain of approximately 19.
In December, BNCW Chairman Ed Gardner appointed Tina Hofstetter--H & H Construction NW--to fill an unexpired term on our Board of Directors.
Adding to the confusion, of the nine candidates running for the two seats, only one - Houston entrepreneur Jarvis Johnson - is on the ballot to fill both an unexpired term and the subsequent full term.
Sutton, who is seeking a one-year unexpired term, have turned in papers.
She was appointed in 1922 to fill the unexpired term of a Senator who had died in office.
Charity is filling the unexpired term held by Kathy Stewart, previously of the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions.
Problems have arisen over the last few years because mortgage lenders keep increasing their requirements for the length of an unexpired term.
The Dental Assisting National Board's (DANB) Board of Directors elected Jennifer Stone, CDA, of Pennsylvania, to complete the remaining eight months of the unexpired term open due to ADAA President--Elect Carolyn Breen's resignation from the DANB Board in summer 2011.
He was appointed to the board in February 2008 to fill the unexpired term of Brian Castler in the facility owner demographic, and was then elected to a full four-year term in July 2008.