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A police officer saying at the inquest that antisocial behaviour is no longer a police matter, it's for local authorities is ludicrous and unexplainable.
Which would make what happened in the first half almost unexplainable, if these weren't those wacky Lakers.
This avoids situations in which our honest customers are exposed to unexplainable false alarms.
A camera crew arrived in Rathkeale on Tuesday to film people saying the novena on the grounds of St Mary's Church, where the unexplainable vision of the Virgin Mary appeared.
In addition to Mind of a Killer, Cambrix this week released The Search for Ancient Wisdom, a CD that takes the user on a interactive quest for answers to unexplainable phenomena.
There are those who believe Faldo (right) genuinely hadn't given Ian Poulter advance warning that he'd been selected and that Poulter's bizarre decision to sidestep the Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles was one of those unexplainable things, like Tony Adams blagging Caprice.
In recent weeks, two simultaneous developments have put the CTA on a collision course with its own falsehoods, and its efforts to explain away the unexplainable may open the eyes of many.
This modern-day remake of the classic 1960s series uses cutting- edge special effects to haunt audiences with science-fiction tales of the unexplainable and unexpected.
The Pianist'' is a portrait of the grotesque and unexplainable nature of life during such terrible times.
One final disappointing, almost unexplainable loss.
Death, the ancient words reminded the mourners, is a part of life, even when the cause of death seems unexplainable.
He added: "The circumstances surrounding this case are tragic, difficult and to some extent unexplainable and inexplicable.