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While there is no single "idea of Haiti," Haiti has been singularly represented as exceptional, unnatural, and even unexplainable, suggests Polyne (New York U.
Ever since St Fagans opened its doors in 1948, staff, visitors and local villagers have experienced the unexplainable at several of the re-erected buildings.
As neuroscientists are learning more and more about our body's hidden frontier, we have gained fleeting insights into our own intuition, habits and seemingly unexplainable preferences.
At those times when the unexplainable needed to be explained, a
The committee found the delay in implementing the law unexplainable "given that Coop has net assets of about LL200 billion that can easily cover the advanced loan.
To me it is quite unexplainable that Tokyo Electric Power Co.
Suddenly, inexplicably, unexplainably, in 2008, by equally inexplicable and unexplainable presidential decree, Tajikistan closed hunting.
The priest, who belongs to the same congregation as Venerable Agnelo, said doctors fear their hospitals and profession would suffer if they certify a patient's recovery is medically unexplainable.
It also includes a section of "Parentisms"--the truly unexplainable things adults say to kids
Tada had become accustomed to life in a wheelchair but recently began experiencing unrelenting, unexplainable pain.
It's an unexplainable happiness that I wish other people would extend.
It is a journey of self awareness, as well as an attempt to explain the unexplainable.