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No, I have not been unexplainably generous, and no, I did not trade influence.
Then there was the trip south, I can't remember the state, when we were already asleep and our car alarm unexplainably started blatting just outside the door.
All the while, he laughed unexplainably. After Turabi ended his pontification, the first indications that the questions from the floor were going to be reassuringly compliant.
The brother was a scattered and loving genius--he never obtained a degree despite enrolling in dozens of different programs and universities--who made the narrator feel intellectually inferior but also utterly devoted to him, then unexplainably left one day.
He unexplainably appears at the bedside of patients at a time when patients and families need empathy, comfort, and distraction the most.
Suddenly, inexplicably, unexplainably, in 2008, by equally inexplicable and unexplainable presidential decree, Tajikistan closed hunting.
While pop culture more and more reflects the younger generation, the issues of their seniors seem backward, quaint, and even unexplainably bigoted.
The Handbook's style with respect to objectivity/subjectivity is uneven and alternates unexplainably between historical description and personal advocacy.
He added: "There is a famous story of a young boy in Newtown during this spell who unexplainably decided to lick the ice covered main road which led to the town.
Our fellow ran unexplainably poorly at Tipperary when he got beaten, but apart from that he's been consistent.
Then he just unexplainably pulled out his gun and started blasting.