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SOCRATES: But then, my friend, do not suppose that we can explain to any one the nature of virtue as a whole through some unexplained portion of virtue, or anything at all in that fashion; we should only have to ask over again the old question, What is virtue?
No one ought to feel surprise at much remaining as yet unexplained in regard to the origin of species and varieties, if he makes due allowance for our profound ignorance in regard to the mutual relations of all the beings which live around us.
While the rest argued pro and con and the air was filled with phrases,--"psychic phenomena," "self-hypnotism," "residuum of unexplained truth," and "spiritism,"--she was reviving mentally the girlhood pictures she had conjured of this soldier-father she had never seen.
The disappearance of your precious birthday gift may seem strange; your unexplained connection with that event may seem stranger still
For some unexplained reason the Count and his wife appear to have changed their plans abruptly, at the end of last autumn, and to have gone to Vienna instead of going to Rome, at which latter place Sir Percival had expected to find them when he left England.
I said,' he began, 'when I saw you last, that there was something unexplained, which might perhaps influence you.
It is, as I gather from your original remarks, an inexplicable, or at least an unexplained, murder.
Can you feel a new, unexplained lump in your abdomen which doesn't go away?
THE NUMBER OF UNEXPLAINED infant deaths in England and Wales has increased for the first time in five years.
30% of infertile couples worldwide are diagnosed with unexplained or idiopathic infertility and the problem is defined as the lack of an obvious cause for a couple's infertility and the females' inability to get pregnant after at least 12 cycles of unprotected intercourse or after six cycles in women above 35 years of age for whom all the standard evaluations are normal.
Merseyside Police are treating the death of the pensioner, who was found at Carr Mill Dam, in St Helens, yesterday, as unexplained.
The optimal treatment of unexplained infertility remains controversial.