unexplained delay

See: laches
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Mohammad Ejaz, a seventh grader from Bara, said that he worked hard for the test but the unexplained delay in holding the test disappointed him.
She said the former army officer would be placed in a position of extreme prejudice because of the inordinate and unexplained delay in lodging the intended appeal.
According to the DG, the petitioner filed the petition after an unexplained delay of over 3 months after issuance of the NOC by the SEPA.
Judge Neil Clark told Croft had he been before the court soon after the offences were discovered he would have jailed him immediately but because of the unexplained delay in the case he had improved his situation by no further offending.
This unexplained delay in black listing the PGPL despite a report by SSGCL submitted in the Sindh High Court that Ahmed and his firm PGPL had illegally stolen confidential documents from SSGCL's custody shows his nexus with the SSGCL and other mighty in the ministry.
Time periods shorter than this or only slightly longer have supported a laches defense in the past, the Board noted; the opinion cited a case where 44 months of unexplained delay was held sufficient for laches and another where laches was based on only a 30-month delay.
Tech events from Q4 2013 to the Las Vegas CES in January 2014 came about and the tablet remains missing in action - an Android dream that seemingly is turning into a nightmare for fans frustrated by the unexplained delay and silence from Google.
The yardstick of unexplained delay in filing an FIR, which usually goes in favour of the accused, cannot be applied in cases involving sexual offences.
He was punished by being sent to a segregation unit after the cards were found on December 3 last year, but in an unexplained delay, he was not charged until a few weeks ago.
SIUCI) finally switched on its $638m urea and ammonia plant in Sohar at the end of April 2009, after an unexplained delay of more than a year.
The television report did not mention that this schedule is a one-month unexplained delay since the regime had been saying for months that the Kavoshgar (Explorer) would be launched by the end of the month of Mordad on August 22.
No apology can compensate for the unexplained delay in taking steps to evacuate our nationals to safety.