unexplained delay

See: laches
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In that regard, the Panel noted the unexplained delay by Mineral Commodities in bringing the application, notwithstanding that Mineral Commodities had for some considerable time been aware of the circumstances relied upon in support of its claims as to a potential association.
On the other hand, Fua and his co-accused said in their motion to dismiss that there was an "unexplained delay" in the filing of the charge sheet against them.
Before leaving I confirmed that we were indeed delighted by the effusive warmth of the American people but had been disappointed with the unexplained delay in meeting him!
Additionally, the Supreme Court, while exercising its capital jurisdiction, had raised serious doubts about the reliability of police investigation, particularly where there was an unexplained delay in the registration of the First Information Report (FIR) and where the evidence appeared to be planted, manipulated or otherwise doubtful.
In a letter to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, Demetriades says that the IPC decision was delivered on March 18, 2019, with "an unexplained delay of more than two months."
" [H]is argument tells us nothing about why he waited nearly seven years before taking any steps at all to address his immigration status, and it is this unexplained delay that is so problematic in that it undermines any assertion that he pursued his rights (the ineffective assistance claim, the motion to reopen) with the requisite due diligence.
29, 2018)(unpublished).<br />The debtor actually prevailed in Hennepin County Conciliation Court when she was sued on the account, but the matter was subsequently appealed to the District Court after an unexplained delay of about five months, and the District Court granted summary judgment for the amount of the debt.
According to the DG, the petitioner filed the petition after an unexplained delay of over 3 months after issuance of the NOC by the SEPA.
Judge Neil Clark told Croft had he been before the court soon after the offences were discovered he would have jailed him immediately but because of the unexplained delay in the case he had improved his situation by no further offending.
Even an unexplained delay on the club's new kit (normally on sale by now) means fans have inundated the Chronicle's social media feeds asking when they can snap one up.
This unexplained delay in black listing the PGPL despite a report by SSGCL submitted in the Sindh High Court that Ahmed and his firm PGPL had illegally stolen confidential documents from SSGCL's custody shows his nexus with the SSGCL and other mighty in the ministry.
Time periods shorter than this or only slightly longer have supported a laches defense in the past, the Board noted; the opinion cited a case where 44 months of unexplained delay was held sufficient for laches and another where laches was based on only a 30-month delay.