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Guwahati (Assam) [India], Feb 3 ( ANI ): Union Minister Jitendra Singh on Saturday said that the Global Investors' Summit -'Advantage Assam' is a boost to the unexplored potential of the entire northeast region.
Abdul Ghafoor Khan told reporter that PTDC would contact all four provinces including Azad Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan for providing required land in these unexplored areas.
This part of the ocean was still unexplored and the scientists have already retrieved several thousand specimens since they set off in May 15.
An unexplored territory that has never been breached by man, Drew and Amanda will be the first humans into the unexplored upper canopy 230' above the forest floor.
According to the country's mines and minerals minister, Maxwell Mwale, the data will be used to study the geological evolution of the unexplored areas and attract investments.
THE first Census of Marine Life (CoML) hopes to act as a baseline of how human activity is affecting previously unexplored marine ecosystems.
Investing in Chile s geothermal power market has become attractive due to unexplored geothermal resources and the ever increasing demand for electricity.
Summary: With Britain running out of energy and Tripoli needing cash, British energy giants are scrambling to exploit vast unexplored natural resource fields in Libya.
A PARTS of the island of New Guinea, off Australia, are still unexplored by the outside world.
Aquarium is set up to infuse ideas with energy--melding direct customer insight with unexplored strategies to deliver unexpected thinking," explains Skinner.
Where did scientists recently find an unexplored rain-forest paradise?