unexplored ground

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Probe controls over 400 square kilometers of virtually unexplored ground in Ontario's newest gold district and we see significant potential for additional gold discoveries in this area.
The Company's license holdings in Mongolia, which total more than 103,341 hectares (255,361 acres), contain significant zones of newly identified primary gold and copper mineralization across a very large area of unexplored ground.
The Baghdad government backs the project and although it makes valid medium-term economic sense, specialists fear it could ruin priceless antiques that may well lie just inches beneath unexplored ground in an area rich in history.
These figures are based on the gross continuity of lodes (likely length of any seam), previous production and proportion of unexplored ground.
Modern gold mines in New Zealand are capitalizing on discoveries on unexplored ground, and CanAlaska's New Zealand property holdings cover significant areas of historic gold-producing camps.
This marketing campaign is unexplored ground for Microsoft, a master of promoting new products which is this time channeling marketing dollars into a product that, by this fall, will be three years old.
Expedition leader Sue Savege climbs high on unexplored ground in Greenland
The drill program was successful in extending the existing mineralized zone 1,000 feet into previously unexplored ground.
Our Chandman-Yol project contains a significant new discovery of primary gold and copper mineralization across a very large area of unexplored ground in western Mongolia.
Mawson's Southern Gold Line projects provide us with a big area of unexplored ground along strike from a major gold project.
One area with a scintillation count as high as 250 times the background level was found on as yet unexplored ground.