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Casella CEL-633 type 1 sound level meters were placed inside the bedroom of one participant in each group for five nights to ascertain noise exposure for exposed and unexposed groups.
Exposed and unexposed areas retained high rates of carbon, oxygen, phosphorus, and calcium.
shows the comparison of hearing thresholds between exposed and unexposed group in both the ears.
Major finding: Young adults who had had physical or cognitive effects from prenatal alcohol exposure had summary math scores that were 10%-11% lower than those in unexposed peers and 3%-4% lower than those in peers who had had childhood disabilities.
Unexposed rubber followed a single step decomposition pattern as shown in Fig.
The table 2 describes the mean change in the indicators of physical growth in both exposed and unexposed group of children over the period of one year.
Obviously the step back to a mile is an unknown but we're hoping he'll like the quicker ground and I think he's certainly unexposed under these conditions.
Perch exposed to both levels of oxazepam swam more, spent more time alone and gobbled up a meal of zooplankton faster than unexposed fish did.
He looks the most unexposed of them all and while 4/1 might look skinny his form entitles him to be that price.
Our study provides novel evidence that the effect of exposure to diabetes in utero on childhood adiposity parameters is substantially attenuated by breastfeeding, such that the obesity outcomes in exposed youth who were adequately breastfed were similar to those of unexposed youth.
Beggar's Opera remains relatively unexposed for a three-year-old at this stage, having won one of four starts this term.
A mark of 66 looks workable given he is certainly unexposed at this trip and it is difficult to see him being out of the frame.