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On the side streets of the vil- lage, in the darkness under the trees, they took hold of her hand and she thought that something unex- pressed in herself came forth and became a part of an unexpressed something in them.
Very familiar to him, as he said himself some hours ago, George Rouncewell lifts him into easier positions through the long remainder of the blank wintry night, and equally familiar with his unexpressed wish, extinguishes the light and undraws the curtains at the first late break of day.
Her eyes raised for a moment seemed full of innocent suffering and unexpressed menace in the depths of the dilated pupils within the rings of sombre blue.
He leaned back, serene, with that peculiar smile of his sealing the unexpressed depths of his meanness.
She was thrilling with unexpressed love for the mother she had never seen, and this written speech from the grave seemed to give more tangibility to her having ever existed, than did the vision of her.
Add to all this, the one perpetual thought in Laura's mind and mine, that we were to part the next day, and the haunting dread, unexpressed by either of us, and yet ever present to both, that this deplorable marriage might prove to be the one fatal error of her life and the one hopeless sorrow of mine.
He raised his face, pale, full of unexpressed suffering.
I had indeed made my proposal from the idea that he wished and would ask me to be his wife: an expectation, not the less certain because unexpressed, had buoyed me up, that he would claim me at once as his own.
Frances, too, regards it with a sort of unexpressed anxiety; while her son leans on Hunsden's knee, or rests against his shoulder, she roves with restless movement round, like a dove guarding its young from a hovering hawk; she says she wishes Hunsden had children of his own, for then he would better know the danger of inciting their pride end indulging their foibles.
Moments between him and Aleks are bright -- walks to and from school; poring over maps at home -- amidst Trn's limited motivations, unexpressed longings, and increasing interpersonal and relationship strife.
It's an image that is rooted in Eastern culture marked by emotion, expressed or unexpressed.
So, when it's time for them to go, we would be comforted by the thought that our love for them was not left unexpressed.