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Meehan said: "We've been trying to get away from being unexpressive.
Emblematic, in this sense, is his choice to close the poem with the unexpressive clause "sweet especial rural scene," which actualizes the void left by the poplar-felling.
This makes a welcome change from the usual, boring unexpressive scenario displayed by the majority of jockeys.
She plays a prank on strangers with the same poker face and unexpressive eyes that mark her reaction to death.
So Rauschenberg began his career with grand gestures of erasure, absence, and negation, as in his famous Erased de Kooning, a drawing he requested of de Kooning that he laboriously erased; or in his White Paintings--pure, unadulterated white paint on canvas, by definition so unexpressive, so anti-Abstract Expressionist, that Rauschenberg decreed they were to be painted by others, using a roller and house paint.
Even for a rather unemotional, unexpressive sort as myself, the feeling of raw power that one feels while watching these aircraft ignite their afterburners and lift off is quite exhilarating.
Interpretation, the unfolding map or 'legend' that helps us to read the urn, is an unexpressive voice because it is indeterminate .
Low profile elevation has been found to be moderately correlated with depressive traits; unsociability; unconventionality; lack of willingness to consider occupations not previously considered; and an unexpressive, unenthusiastic, or unimpulsive style.
Was the staff experiencing the kind of pain and ambivalence Burt describes in the presence of a conscious yet unexpressive woman with complete physical paralysis?
Then he looked down at me, cocked his head, and blinked his yellow, unexpressive eyes at me.
One reason why images are conventional and unexpressive is because photographers often use vantage points too far from the subject, and usually shoot from a predictable eye-level camera position.