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Thus, keeping things to oneself and being unexpressive was an especially lauded aspect of manhood.
Unoriginal, unexpressive, dematerial, "linguistically turned": each descriptor tethers conceptual writing to an art historical lineage.
Thoughtful Realists are often unexpressive but are good with detailed work and technical concepts.
To sum up, people are not able to understand the parties, what they really are and want, what are the consequences of voting the "vote pullers"--a character unfortunately played by the ex-clown Tiririca, and comprehended as an electorally needed piece by the parties, due especially to Eneas Carneiro and his election as a congressman in 2002, when we pulled together five other unexpressive candidates of his party, Prona, to the Congress with almost only his votes.
1) and "The fair, the chaste, and unexpressive she" (As You Like It, 3.
This year the Choral have a harder edge to their tone and their usually unexpressive matured-in-the-cask soft-surfaced sound was less obvious.
A stocky fellow with an unexpressive, cherubic face, Sheng channeled all of his brilliantly throttled emotionalism directly to his keyboard.
Unexpressive dynamics of the base assets, short workweek at the markets of the U.
In other words, my possession of something is generally unexpressive if I had no choice (and/or I am generally understood to have had no choice) but to accept it.
The only difference was that each expressive face was preceded by an unexpressive face of the same individual.
The water my father gave me was a plain drainage ditch, straight as an arrow, an unexpressive stretch of water as neither grinned or grimaced.
Depressed mothers offer a more varied verbal diet to their babies than borderline mothers, but in an unusually low, unexpressive voice devoid of rhythmic timing, according to studies directed by psychologist Lynne Murray of the University of Reading in England.