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Within minutes of the verdict, packages of the the unexpurgated book were being dispatched from the Penguin Books works in Middlesex.
A Journey gives us phony Tony in all his unexpurgated loathsomeness.
The composer revised the score, removing the objectionable passages in the 1960s, but it was not heard again in its original form until Mstislav Rostropovich recorded the unexpurgated score in 1978.
One somehow doubts that words like 'daft' and 'annoying' were deemed sufficient for the full unexpurgated version in the privacy of the dressing room and the team coach on the long retreat back to home base.
According to the Telegraph, the highly revealing details, which Campbell omitted from a condensed version of his memoirs in 2007, are contained in the first volume of his unexpurgated diaries, which will be published next week.
Kelly's biography is the most comprehensive yet, drawing upon a range of new sources that have come to light, including unpublished letters and an unexpurgated version of Moore's journal.
Bigger and his friend Jack openly discuss having sex with white women, including (in the unexpurgated version) Mary Dalton, whom they see in a newsreel.
At each end of the book are two entertaining essays on the juridical treatment of obscenity: the trial of Penguin for publishing an unexpurgated version of Lady Chatterley's Lover started the sixties, and the Oz magazine's "school kid's issue" trial ended them.
For other worthy, unexpurgated papers submitted as part of this program, visit The Public Manager Web site at www.
Macroecological and phylogenetic analyses based on unexpurgated data extracted from hybrid catalogs constitute poor science, user caveo.
The intended readers for the original edition were evidently homophobes with a taste for the salacious; it concludes with twenty pages of advertisements for books like "the only complete, unexpurgated edition of the Kama Sutra" and a novel entitled The Institute of Sexual Pleasure.
but wouldn't you give your eye teeth to hear his unexpurgated reminiscences?