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There's a quiet optimism, an unextravagant sensuality in Corpus.
Darjina lobbed round the back, neck held out so low and stride so unextravagant that it was an effort to recall that this was Europe's top filly who had outrun the mighty Ramonti in the Prix du Moulin.
I sold a few trees in south Londonwhichmorethan paid the bills because I had a very unextravagant lifestyle,' added Giddins.
But hell, I would love so to live a very unextravagant life either in the city or in Tirol and Jack and I could both study and work then, and we'd have had this time together no matter what goes bloody next year, and something might really have come of it.
But the British UN Mission said it was "about as unextravagant as you can get - we got 30 per cent off the normal rate, he's not used room service once, they're using rings to cook stuff and no long-distance phone calls are made".