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This specification deals with unfabricated products and fabricated products, for example, assembled steel products, structural steel fabrications, large tubes already bent or welded before galvanizing and wire work fabricated from uncoated steel wire.
Second, demand for fabricated flat glass products is forecast to continue to rise as they are more often favored over unfabricated products in building applications and as rapid growth is expected in fabricated glass markets such as solar energy and electronic displays.
4 Float Glass Demand in Unfabricated Applications in China 61
This new type of realism-impressionism in Romanian cinema has no manifesto, no backing of a school, generation, or mentors (unlike the French New Wave), although the majority of the young directors refer to Lucian Pintilie as their model for realism in cinema (Pintilie's Reenactment is a milestone in Romanian cinema, due to its unfabricated realism, doubled by a subtle attack on communist propaganda and absurdity).
Most private companies do not produce their own raw unfabricated glass, but instead operate solely as second tier manufacturers, fabricating value-added glass products.
In those same lines, however, Fortune also reveals the unfabricated "majestee" that sustains her.