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The Ijaw National Youth Congress (IYC) has warned presidential aide, Garba Shehu, not to reignite another intercommunal war between Ijaw and Itsekiri of Delta State through his unfactual and unguided utterances about their population on a television station.
He might try to condemn "bigoted lunatics" like Robinson, but his own, apparently measured and yet unfactual claims in themselves can serve to create suspicion of UK Muslims, indirectly fueling Islamophobia and widening divisions within our society.
com/world/2016/jul/04/china-to-ban-news-websites-from-using-stories-gleaned-from-social-media) reportedly said, "All levels of the cyberspace administration must earnestly fulfill their management responsibility for internet content, strengthen supervision and investigation, severely probe and handle fake and unfactual news.
Following the philosopher Hans Vaihinger, Kermode holds that all of these narrative patterns, not just obviously unfactual literary ones, are invented by the mind, not discovered in the external world, although their creation is prompted by outward events or circumstances (40).
It would appear to be unfactual, unless he can back it up.
But if the ideas are patently contradictory or, in some cases, unfactual or just too stupid to abide, then you find every soft adjective, every cliche.
Comments made in Mr Hughes's spurious and totally unfactual article, include "many think that they are fly tippers", "some gypsies and travellers are criminalised when they set up camps on someone else's land even though is not a crime in itself" and "many gypsies feel that they have no alternative but to trespass".
My reading of the Gospels suggests that unfactual accusations about gay people and dependence on the state to bolster one's faith are inconsistent with Jesus's philosophy of love--and that the importation of these views into Christianity certainly changes and arguably corrupts the philosophy articulated by Jesus.
If you don't fancy the bus there are also some unfactual walking tours all about, or not, the region's coal industry, starting from the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.
Trudeau dismisses as unfactual the account of Lee apologizing to his men for the outcome of Pickett's Charge, insisting, "While such recollections may have been helpful in the postwar climate of factual healing, and while they may have promoted adulation of Lee, they had to be docketed alongside Gettysburg's other myths.
Hundreds of RSS shakhas across the country (shakha literally means "branch," and RSS shakhas are "educational" cells) have been indoctrinating thousands of children and young people, stunting their minds with religious hatred and falsified history, including unfactual or wildly exaggerated accounts of the rape and pillaging of Hindu women and Hindu temples by Muslim rulers in the precolonial period.
The Scalpel, the Sword, still the most authoritative treatment, is brushed aside or demeaned as inadequate or unfactual.