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These two ideas merged in the 17th century when the Scottish Covenanters, opposed to King James IV, adopted the colour to signify their unfading faith.
In the first half of 2017, investor activity in commercial real estate in the Baltic countries was not uncommon, but the recorded scope of investment showed an unfading interest in modern commercial property.
NOTHING THE YOUNG ACTORS COULD have done would have merited that kind of discrimination, but they still blamed themselves--or, rather, blamed Ali, the maladroit preteen with unfading dark circles under his gentle eyes.
It may also be part of a Christian woman's script to be modest in her view of herself (e.g., "the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit," 1 Peter 3:4.)
The final sentence of the article reads: 'And her unfading glory will spread across the entire Soviet land, and millions of people will think about that distant, snow-strewn grave with love, and Stalin will come to the grave of his loyal daughter in his thoughts'.
K.S, Associate Professor, and my co-guide for her expert guidance with unfading and sustained encouragement and support during the various stages of the present work.
I read what you write to me: "you have to read a book as if reading life; that reading makes us eternal, that it is more than reading just the words; that you have to go inside them as if entering a cave and wait, there inside, patiently, until the darkness is wounded by the unfading glow of sensibility; to wait for the word to give our minds the same thing that fire gives to night." Where do you get such beautiful words?
your valor, of seeing the Laurels you have gained with so much Reputation in America, flourish and increase in your native soil." (8) When the Congress presented him with the resolution for his medal for the Battle of Stony Point, the representatives noted that "he has rendered essential benefit to the American cause, he has deservedly acquired the esteem of the army and gained unfading reputation for himself." (9)
Would Africa continue to writhe under the miseries of the slave trade, or would "all her people be raised to a state of civilization in which, amidst the nurture of domestic affection, agriculture shall yield her sustenance, commerce bring her refreshments, genius emit her flashes and piety suffuse over all her pure and unfading light." (8)
We called ourselves 'Holy Rus' because the most sublime, authentic, unfading ideal of human life was the ideal of holiness."
Clad in the traditional white robe and turban, cane in hand, with smile unfading, he cheerfully greets his followers and guests of the lecture he gave in Daal Center for Research and Media, entitled "Political Islam between the Da'wah and the Authority".
Here is Tolkien's description of Beren's first encounter with Luthien, from the Silmarillion: "he came upon Luthien [...] at a time of evening under moonrise, as she danced upon the unfading grass in the glades [...].