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We can only deeply regret this unfortunate misunderstanding, and assure you of our unfailing regard.
Her pleasant voice suited him, her patience was unfailing, her time of no apparent value, and her eager good-will was very comforting.
Maud was all this to me, an unfailing, source of strength and courage.
Crept--always she crept, about the house, from weary bed to weary chair and back again through long days and weeks of torment, never complaining, though her unfailing smile was twisted with pain, and the wise gray eyes, still wise and gray, were grown unutterably larger and profoundly deep.
The unfailing Ransome with the uneasy heart, immune, serene, and active, was getting ready for the early coffee for the men.
The unfailing Ransome lighted the binnacle- lamps and glided, all shadowy, up to me.
He took unfailing note of every charm that appertained to her sex, and saw the ripeness of her lips, and the virginal development of her bosom.
Dress was the one unfailing talisman and charm used for keeping all things in their places.
That woman of whom I had heard these things I have set down with all the exactness of unfailing memory, that woman was revealed to me young, younger than anybody I had ever seen, as young as myself (and my sensation of my youth was then very acute); revealed with something peculiarly intimate in the conviction, as if she were young exactly in the same way in which I felt myself young; and that therefore no misunderstanding between us was possible and there could be nothing more for us to know about each other.
On the contrary, much mutual amusement, of an innocent character, may be derived from a fair and free interchange upon the subject; and this is why we, in our old age (or rather in mine), find a still unfailing topic in the story of which Eva Denison was wayward heroine and Frank Rattray the nearest approach to a hero.
The rectangular diamond engagement ring was made by Geraldo Jewellers after restaurateur JB said he wanted a band that would "epitomise my unfailing, unconditional love".
The rectangular engagement ring was made by Geraldo Jewellers after JB said he wanted a band that would "epitomise my unfailing, unconditional love".