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At first life seemed strange and lonely without the belief which, though he never realised it, had been an unfailing support.
We can only deeply regret this unfortunate misunderstanding, and assure you of our unfailing regard.
Because a laugh's the wisest, easiest answer to all that's queer; and come what will, one comfort's always left -- that unfailing comfort is, it's all predestinated.
The Beaver brought paper,portfolio, pens, And ink in unfailing supplies: While strange creepy creatures came out of their dens, And watched them with wondering eyes.
The gentleman who took the part of villain, with an unfailing love of evil, in the different dramas, used to come about the printing-office a good deal, and I was puzzled to find him a very mild and gentle person.
This girl alone, among all the green Martians with whom I came in contact, disclosed characteristics of sympathy, kindliness, and affection; her ministrations to my bodily wants were unfailing, and her solicitous care saved me from much suffering and many hardships.
Crept--always she crept, about the house, from weary bed to weary chair and back again through long days and weeks of torment, never complaining, though her unfailing smile was twisted with pain, and the wise gray eyes, still wise and gray, were grown unutterably larger and profoundly deep.
The unfailing Ransome with the uneasy heart, immune, serene, and active, was getting ready for the early coffee for the men.
The unfailing Ransome lighted the binnacle- lamps and glided, all shadowy, up to me.
Vronsky's life was particularly happy in that he had a code of principles, which defined with unfailing certitude what he ought and what he ought not to do.
Mr Millar added: "This public utility undertaking has carried out its obligations to the residents of Stirling and district for 122 years, providing an ample and unfailing supply of gas at prices comparable with those operating at the largest undertakings in Scotland.
I decided I wanted to be a property developer when I was 16 and I had this unfailing belief I could do it.