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I had the privilege of getting to know Sachin Tendulkar (pictured right) when he was sponsored by Yorkshire Television during his time in the Broad Acres and he was unfailingly charming and professional in everything he did both on and off the field.
The drivers are unfailingly helpful, cheerful and kind.
The jockeys are unfailingly kind, considerate and patient with him.
As ever, though, the reality was completely different; Trabzonspor were impeccable hosts, unfailingly helpful and anxious to make the stay convivial; those who attended an official lunch laid on by the club before the game will testify to that.
His passion for all things Brummy is unfailingly obvious and undiminished.
His passion for all things Brummie is unfailingly obvious and undiminished.
Despite the constraints in communications in the early days, the paper unfailingly made it on the hour, filling the much-needed vacuum for an English national daily.
I went to them every week for many years and found them unfailingly kind and helpful.
Our leadership position today is due in part to the determination and drive of Chuck, who has unfailingly served the cooperative.
As an orphan he doesn't have high expectations from life but is unfailingly polite and warm-hearted.
Linnea brought an unfailingly cheerful and helpful manner to ACEI Headquarters that was greatly appreciated.