unfair action

See: injustice
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GNC believes that the lawsuit filed by the Oregon Attorney General is without merit, and the Company intends to defend itself vigorously against this unfair action.
The affected man also complained unfair action on the part of CDA's authorities as some people use influence either to resist the CDA campaign or start again with certain CDA's officials.
I have filed a case in the urgent court as well as the labour court against this unfair action.
Qashqavi added that he held meetings with a number of Libyan officials including the head of Red Crescent Society during which they admitted the abduction of Iranian relief workers was absolutely an unfair action.
IN WHAT seems like a ruthless and unfair action, 100 years ago the 212 crew who survived the Titanic sinking were dismissed by their employer, the White Star Line, immediately upon disembarking from their rescue ship Carpaithia when it reached New York on April 18.
It deserves to succeed, if only because of the unfair action it has had to face from government monopolies and the inaction of the European Commission.
We must protect citizens against unfair action by the state but we must ensure the clear public voice is heard.
The Budgen supermarket chain are to be heartily congratulated on their efforts to support the British farming industry in the face of unfair action by the French Government.
Marketing director Ms Stephanie Rice said: "This new move is designed to enforce our support of the British farming industry in the face of unfair action by the French government.
However, his angry father vowed not to let the matter rest and has already engaged the services of a Cork solicitor and a barrister to legally challenge what he claims is an entirely unfair action.
Initially, USDA attempted to award a consolidated contract to ReserveAmerica without competition and we had to take them to court to block that unfair action.
This unfair action is similar to one taken earlier by management at Cathay Pacific Airlines in Hong Kong when it also fired the entire pilot union leadership.