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She said: "When someone takes unilateral and unfair action that puts thousands of European jobs at risk we have to act.
It should be clear to the embargo states that one of the most important objectives behind their actions and the abhorrent and unfair action against Qatar has failed, and that it did not and will not succeed in impeding the comprehensive development process.
Any unfair action against our players and teams will be met with our firm response", the prince said, reiterating total rejection of any breach of the spirit of the sport.
This unfair action against a huge amount of staff has caused me to call into question why I even became a nurse, as the people who employ me have clearly walked away and don't care.
They are facing unfair action for something they did not even participate in.
If China officially takes unfair action against South Korea we would openly move against it, but as long as China says its moves are not related to THAAD and rather, local measures at home, the South Korean government cannot accuse China of retaliating," (http://www.
The Committee directed the official of concerned ministry to brought the matter before the committee with facts and unfair action will not be accepted at any cost.
The affected man also complained unfair action on the part of CDA's authorities as some people use influence either to resist the CDA campaign or start again with certain CDA's officials.
I have filed a case in the urgent court as well as the labour court against this unfair action.
Qashqavi added that he held meetings with a number of Libyan officials including the head of Red Crescent Society during which they admitted the abduction of Iranian relief workers was absolutely an unfair action.
IN WHAT seems like a ruthless and unfair action, 100 years ago the 212 crew who survived the Titanic sinking were dismissed by their employer, the White Star Line, immediately upon disembarking from their rescue ship Carpaithia when it reached New York on April 18.
It deserves to succeed, if only because of the unfair action it has had to face from government monopolies and the inaction of the European Commission.