unfair choice

See: dilemma
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Small businesses in states with legal marijuana are effectively forced into making the unfair choice between being able to access SBA-backed lending or conducting business with a large and growing sector of local economies in states with legal marijuana, wrote the representatives.
We received more than 100 responses from women who had used one of 30 different tracker apps -- or, in many cases, two or three at a time -- and who often said they felt trapped by an unfair choice: They cared about privacy, but they also found the digital trackers too valuable to give up.
They think that forcing Congress to decide between security and privacy is an unfair choice, since the country would lose either way.
“For far too long, talented people with disabilities or chronic conditions have had to make a difficult and unfair choice: either impoverish themselves to qualify for Medicaid to cover their health needs, or secure meaningful employment but risk an expensive and potentially physically and financially devastating health care incident,” said Adam Kaplan, Founder and CEO of Big Tent Jobs, LLC, a leading technical recruiter for talented professionals, including people with disabilities.
Such a designation seems to be an unfair choice, since major reforms with regard to Christian communities would have been difficult to implement without the willingness and enthusiasm of the AKP and regardless of the positive mechanisms of the European Union membership process.
Women shouldn't have to face the difficult and unfair choice between a career and a child.
Mottaki reiterated that unilateralism is a failed policy, and stated, "Unfair choice will get nowhere."
It is an unfair choice for promotion and is only a money making scam.
Current law unintentionally creates an unfair choice between these two benefits, both of which were intended by Congress to help servicemembers.
Colin Thomson, of the National Joints Registry, claims orthopaedic patients are faced with the unfair choice of waiting years in pain or paying thousands for private surgery.
No one should have to decide between a paycheck and caring for themselves or a loved one, and Im so proud that Washington state is continuing to lead the way in making sure families arent faced with that truly unfair choice. This is a great step forward for workers and families in our state and its exactly the kind of progress Im going to keep fighting for back in the other Washington.