unfair judgment

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The SC's unfair judgment would throw the country into political unrest and anarchy, which in return would put the country's integrity on stake.
Many of these people are often subjected to unfair judgment, going solely by their physical appearances.
People have a sense of who you may be because of the job you do, that's unfair judgment," Lamar said.
Diane Schrage, counselor at Groton Human Services who runs the monthly support group, said there can be harsh and unfair judgment directed at older adults raising grandchildren.
Furthermore, Davutoy-lu, taking an excessively defensive attitude, has delivered an unfair judgment on intellectuals by branding them as "having anger against the government.
Chidambaram said he had not seen the evidence presented against the doctoractivist, but those who thought it was an unfair judgment had the option to file an appeal, he said.
We are campaigning for Bill's release by calling on the Afghan and British authorities to help us urgently overturn this patently unfair judgment.
This is something detrimental to the administration of justice an prohibited by the Bill of Rights set forth in Article 18 and Article 23(3) (4) of the interim constitution of the Southern Sudan ICCS/2005 and a legal duty reference to the conclusive competences of Southern Sudan Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development Organization Act 2008, the INC/2005 and the law respectively Notwithstanding, there is a raising alarm of unfair judgment and pending trial where these cases whether civil or criminal offences are some time lesser charges that would have been settled in due course but delayed up to three to four years unreasonably.
However, parents felt at time misunderstood by EHS staff even perceiving criticism and unfair judgment.
However, the plant manager, after reading the e-mail, felt that he had been blindsided by an unfair judgment and only became more frozen.
The charge that the current debate between Muslim secularists and Islamists is a dialogue of the deaf is not a presumptuous or an unfair judgment.