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Jerry did not quite understand, but he sensed the difference and resented, without expressing in action, the wrongness and unfairness of it.
He had been in a particularly ugly mood, and a final harshness and unfairness cut her to the quick.
Don't make yourself a spectacle of unfairness as well as inconsistency, because, although I am sorry to see Tom Gradgrind reduced to his present position, I should be doubly sorry to see him brought so low as that.
And even though she's bringing home a gazillion dollars a movie, it was the unfairness that hurt.
Six farm labourers recognised the unfairness of farm owners towards their workers.
THE Government must end unfairness against small family businesses in rural areas if it is to make the countryside more productive, the CLA has warned.
Harvey's plight highlights unfairness The planes may have crashed into the World Trade Center six years earlier, but the image of the explosions and collapse of the world's financial core could easily be a metaphor for the beginning of the crunch and the austerity we all have to live with now.
Chris Keates, the union's general secretary, addressing the conference, said: "The potential for discrimination and unfairness highlighted by our women members today is deeply worrying.
Following a meeting between DISY leader Averof Neophytou and the old shareholders' association, Prodromou hinted at the unfairness of their predicament and expressed the need to compensate them for their losses.
Perhaps she could address the unfairness of rail funding - London receives PS2,700 per person while the North-east receives PS5.
It anticipates, for instance, how the mind's natural instinct to reject perceived unfairness can impede similarly innate desires for accommodation, and how fairness can lead to tragedy.
Authors Liyin Jin, Yanqun He (both Fudan University), and Ying Zhang (University of Texas, Austin) said that the degree to which one feels powerful influences which type of price comparison threatens their sense of self-importance and, in turn, affects the perception of price unfairness.