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Unfaithfully Yours is a mammoth leap, a jagged, angry and hugely creative collection of songs.
Speaking to XPRESS ahead of the staging of Unfaithfully Yours, Raell Padamsee of Ace Production of Mumbai, said the play, starring Mona Singh and Rohit Roy, "is about finding love where it's rarely found.
Misrepresentation is defined here broadly as any communicative act that deceives or (re)presents a particular state of affairs unfaithfully or misleadingly.
In modifying Faiz in what is considered to be "unfaithfully" in the strict word--for--word equivalency kind of way, Shahid actually is remaining more faithful to the vibe or perhaps the essence of Faiz.
On Thursday, Al-Enezi was decoyed by two cousins, Saad Radhi Ayash Al-Enezi, 21, and Abdulaziz Radhi Ayash Al-Enezi, 18, residents of Al-Shamly province, an affiliate of Hail Governorate, where they unfaithfully killed him.
This is not new; Rumi put it more poetically 800 years ago, "if you are here unfaithfully with us / you're causing terrible damage" (Moyne & Barks, 1984, p.
Hero, having gone off to war with his master, returns to the plantation in Part 3, actually, Act 3, like Johnny Comes Marching Home, inscribed for some impenetrable reason as The Union Of My Confederate Parts, bearing a new name, Ulysses, and much like Agamemnon's return from the Trojan Wars, a concubine he wishes to introduce to his plantation wife whose rejection is not as fatal as Clytemnestra, yet becomes the impetus for an incredulously unabashed 19th century melodramatic domestic dust-up following the discovery that she had been unfaithfully engaged in a carnal relationship with Homer in his absence.
And Saul died in his unfaithfulness by which he acted unfaithfully against the Lord, concerning the word of the Lord which he did not keep, and also for seeking a medium, (59) and he did not seek the Lord.
To play on the double meaning of "sampling"--relevant for food and for DIY culture--it is possible to take from this culture and replicate unfaithfully in a way that offers "a rethinking of both the perverse and the normal" (Berlant and Warner, "What Does" 345).
In a very well-known tradition, the First Caliph Abu Bakr instructed the army he dispatched in 632 AD, as such: "You shall not engage in treachery; you shall not act unfaithfully; you shall not engage in deception; you shall not indulge in mutilation; you shall kill neither a young child nor an old man nor a woman; you shall not fell palm trees or burn them, you shall not cut down any fruit-bearing tree; you shall not slaughter a sheep or a cow or a camel except for food.
2.7 (likrot 'to cut'), 5.11 (lismor 'to guard'), 14 (la'amod 'to stand'), 6.1 (liskon), 20 (lismoa' 'to hear'), 7.13 (l[??]'[??]kol 'to eat'), 11.16 (lizboah 'to sacrifice'), 12.14 (lidros 'to seek'), 14.3 (lidros 'to seek'), 10 (la'zor 'to help'), 15.12 (lidros 'to seek'), 18.7 (lidros 'to seek'), 20.3 (lidros 'to seek'), 24.27 (w-isod 'founding'), 25.8 (la'zor 'to help'), 26.15 '(liro 'to fear'), 28.22 (lim'ol 'to act unfaithfully'), 29.10 (likrot 'to make acovenant'), 30.19 (lidros 'to seek'), 31.7 (l[??]yissod 'to lay a foundation' [?] [pausal]), 32.3 (listom 'to seal'), 33.16 (la'dbod 'to serve'), 34.3 (lidros 'to seek'), 10 (libdoq 'to repair'), 26 ( lidros 'to seek'), 31 (w[??]-lismor 'and to guard'), 33 (la'abod 'to serve'), 36.14 (lm'wl 'to act unfaithfully').
Dark humor has come a long ways from the pioneeringly direct dark comedy of Chaplin's "Monsieur Verdoux" (1947), or Preston Sturges' "Unfaithfully Yours" (1948), in which one immediately gets down to the basics of death, absurdity, and beastly behavior.