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It's an invitation to look for the thread of God's faithfulness, even through episodes shaped by human unfaithfulness and sin.
In this way we also learn the inner thoughts and motivations of the four main characters: Bea's selfishness, Penn's insecurities and unfaithfulness, James' fatal psychological illness and Evie's own obsession with keeping everything preserved.
Tiger Woods crashed his SUV outside his Florida mansion, sparking widespread attention to reports of unfaithfulness to his wife, Elin Nordegren.
"The story continues to enchant audiences today as it deals with the timeless issues of love, unfaithfulness, reason and emotion.
The plot continues to enchant audiences even today since it grapples with the timeless issues of love and unfaithfulness, reason and emotion, which co-exist in a comic story where deception entwines with the truth and the facade co-exists with the face.
Although John knew Betty was onto him, he assumed there was nothing she could do about his unfaithfulness, but he was to be proved severely wrong in a very unearthly way.
The final piece of the concert will be Gustav Mahler's Adagio from the 10th Symphony which reflects his wife's unfaithfulness to him.
Never in in in in in Pri ri ri r nc n Never mind the three people in Princess Diana's marriage - there are currently 14 in mine (him, the team, Arsene Wenger and, last but also least, me.) bIe But I suppose overall I should be grateful - especially in this age of uber unfaithfulness - that Mr H is the kind of e man who is capable of being totally committed and everlastingly loyal, come what may.
An end to death and pain, and an end to the kinds of problems John was addressing (injustice, cheating, unfaithfulness)--a final end to those things is coming as well.
"I do accept on any view that over the years you had to put up with quite a lot from your husband - particularly his unfaithfulness and more recently the birth of a daughter by another woman, only months before you killed him."
Former primer slammed Asif Ali Zardari and the Pakistan People's Party for what he said their unfaithfulness towards Sindh.
Ronan had his affair in 2010 and they tried to make a go of things, to no avail, which I understand as relationships are so hard to mend after unfaithfulness.