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Other words include 'wittol' - a man who tolerates his wife's unfaithfulness, which has not been much used since the 1940s.
He said: "There was a lot of commitment from my words that increased that sense of unfaithfulness of my move to the fans.
I know in my heart this is a kind of unfaithfulness but I don't know what to do.
Generally, most of the ghazals in the book express the different types of emotion that come out of a person when he is in love: affection, deprivation, reaction, unfaithfulness, etc.
In my book this is a form of unfaithfulness, and you should ask him how he would feel if he found similar texts on your phone from another man?
This is an autobiographical poem, since Dolores suffers the constant unfaithfulness of her husband, Colombian doctor Sixto Galindo y Orona, whom she married when she was sixteen.
When Meri and Nathan agree to watch Delia's house while she returns to her Paris apartment, Meri searches Delia's house, papers, and letters, discovering the details of Tom's history of unfaithfulness and the depth of Delia's hurt.
A riveting mystery by Lindy Cameron, "Blood Guilt" follows private investigator Kit O'Malley as she investigates the alleged unfaithfulness of Celia Robinson's husband.
Sometimes, in the twentieth century, there was much despair about the great discrepancy between the unfaithfulness of the church in its life and witness and the call to mission.
Unfaithfulness is certainly not confined to the political world -- 54% of Americans say they know someone who has an unfaithful spouse, according to the March 14-16 USA Today/Gallup poll.
Addressing something as upsetting as unfaithfulness in a more reasoned, realistic way somehow makes it more disturbing on screen.